Time Change

Tonight we turn our clocks ahead an hour, so we put that hour in the bank and take it back on November 1st.  When you don’t work, it’s not a deal breaker: in the morning I’ll set the clock in the living room, microwave and oven; done!  I can’t believe how upset we used to get over something so trivial on our level.  To shift workers it was a big deal.  Some people worked 11 hours, some 13, depending if we were turning back or forward.  There was no equity; you just worked whatever was required of you and then complained when supervision didn’t pay you correctly.  If you had children at home you had to arrange child care, transportation, etc.  At least by making the change on a Saturday night/Sunday morning it doesn’t affect the traffic, etc., for workers on Monday morning.  What a big deal for no reasonable purpose!

I’m still working on medication changes.  I have worked myself off of several, most of the ones that caused side effects and made me feel bad most of the time.  I didn’t bargain for the doctor getting on the boat and making her changes, too.  So I’ve gone through some lows while working those down and now back up with different meds.  I’m feeling better with the last increase but still not quite “with it”.  I have some good days at least now.  I haven’t had any “sleep sitting up in my nightgown all day” lows in the past week, so I guess that’s a start.  I’m not sewing either, so I’m not up to where I want to be.  I have managed to “manage” everything else lately.  The bills are paid, the pets are cared for, errands done, the housekeeper’s been in and has done her miracles, etc.  Still not cooking much, but I never did (I hate to cook!)   This week I only have one dog scheduled for the vet so I hope I see some positives for myself this week.  My next doctor visit is with the cardiologist since I’m still having erratic heartbeats.  I wore a 24-hour halter monitor for a check and they’re still there so I’m going in for a recheck, then a last visit to the podiatrist and he’ll release me (Yay!!!!!!!!!).

I have my desktop computer back in the shop; second time in 8 days for the same thing.  The shop couldn’t make it fail.  Brought it home last Friday and it failed after an hour.  Changed out hard drive, video card, RAM memory, keyboards, mice, serge protectors, power cords, power outlets.  Bought a desk fan and blew it inside the open case for hours.  Still shutting down.  Not showing to be running hot on any software I have, no way I have to check the voltage so back to the shop it went yesterday.  I’ve reloaded the system 3 times so it’s not the OS either.  Usually hard to stump me and the shop I use but we’re scratching our heads over this one.  We’re down to it being either the power supply, CPU or motherboard.  I’m hoping it’s the cheapest one!

I’m in the process of putting Windows 10 Technical Preview on my good laptop; I think it’s stable enough at this point to give it a shot.  I have the recovery disks in case I have to reload it.  It’s up and running now (I’m on it) with no issues so far.  I have this laptop, a desktop, and a smaller laptop to “play” with that I try out software on, etc.  But this is the first time I’ve tried to put 10 on this laptop.  I had it on the desktop both as primary OS and dual-booting with Windows 7.  It worked perfectly with no issues until the desktop started its issues.  It’s time-consuming to use more than one computer in order to test another OS, so I’m trying to run them side-by-side on one.  Unfortunately the partitioning on this computer is AFU and I can’t run it the way I want to without reformatting the HDD.  So I backed this laptop up (I do that several times per month anyway) and went for it.  I hope I don’t regret it.  Tomorrow I may be reloading Windows 7 Professional.  LOL  What-the-hell?  Worth a try anyway.


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  1. stevie oldham
    Mar 08, 2015 @ 04:46:28

    No time for you to be bored is there, Cheri??. Knowing you, if you ever have to quit and do nothing you would just be misierable. I guess…. Love you just like you are. Stevie


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