Quiet Time



It’s been a fairly pleasant day after a rude awakening this morning.  I enjoy sleeping as long as I can on the mornings that Ronnie is off work because I know he is caring for the dogs and I can take the time for myself, but this morning the dogs were loud way too early and then the pressure washer roared to life on the patio outside my window.  Needless to say, I didn’t get up in a good mood!  Still in my nightgown, I stomped into my kitchen to complain about the noise factor.  Out on my patio in the bright sunlight stood a neighbor who was helping Ronnie get started.  Oops!  Thankfully he never looked up and saw me; I hurried back to my bedroom and dressed.  Then I grabbed up Fancypants and took her for a coffee run to Starbucks.  By the time we got home the bad mood was over and the day had begun.

I didn’t accomplish much today: a bit of laundry and pick-up in the house but I cleaned both fish tanks before Ronnie took me to eat dinner, then watched some Amazon Video before giving up for the night.  There’s not anything worth watching on TV right now due to the religious crap on for Easter–even on The Weather Channel!!!  It’s on every station so we just gave up and went to Amazon.  There hasn’t even been anything to record for watching later; hopefully that will change tomorrow when the new week rolls around.

When we got home from dinner, Ronnie took the dogs for a walk (a few at a time) so they’re all happy and sleeping contentedly at this point.  I wanted to get in the sewing room but things didn’t work out for me to sew today—too many interruptions and too many times I had to wait before finishing a task.  I’ve been working on some leashes and dog collars to donate, and we bought some more pre-made ones at Wal-Mart yesterday that I can embellish for sale, too.  I’ll be dropping off some things this week because Jolie is running low on medications and I’ll have to run over to the vet to pick them up anyway.  So I’ll get some stuff done tomorrow and Tuesday, then pack it up for a run.  No problem!  I did pack up the little sewing machine back into its bag and I’m using nothing but the Ellisimo now.  It’ll be interesting to see how it works on these new leashes since I did the previous ones on the small machine.  The smaller one, the Elizabeth model, has a lot of decorative stitches but the Ellisimo was the top of the line model when I bought it 2 1/2 years ago (there’s a newer one out now for $15,000…….NOT!) and has even more stitch capabilities.  So it should be fun trying out things I’ve never played with on the big machine.

This week I have a cardiac ultrasound and an appointment with the podiatrist (hopefully he’ll release me now).  Fancypants gets her grooming done and I’ll go visit my mom one day.  Then, of course, I’ll make a trip to the vet one day, too.  All-in-all not very ambitious, and, as I always say, hopefully I’ll be able to get in the sewing room and get some projects completed.  LOL


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