We’ve Lost Our Girl


Flyer for Daisy

Flyer for Daisy

Our girl is missing from the sanctuary.  They called me Saturday and said she escaped after being frightened by thunder during a bad storm Friday night.   They said there was one sighting on Saturday but it wasn’t Daisy.  We drove around for 3 hours and found nothing and there’s nothing around there except a fish hatchery, lots of green fields, some farms where there were no animals around the homes, only farm animals, and one sparsely full subdivision set far back on the other side of the country road.  Where can she be and is she being well cared for wherever she is?   Daisy was never afraid of thunder when we had her; I’m very suspicious of this story.  And they said she is the only dog they’d ever lost!  How did she get out and no other dog has ever gotten out?  Why would she be afraid of thunder all of a sudden?  She’s 2 years old and never has been afraid of anything or anyone.  How could she be missing 5 days and no one has seen her?  Are they looking for her?  Or do they know she won’t come back because they’ve done something to her?  This sux!

We Have Babies!


Mom and 2 hatched babies


Babies alone


Today's peek into the lives of baby birds

Today’s peek into the lives of baby birds

Two little dove babies have recently hatched out in my airplane plant on the front porch.  At first we would scare the momma when we opened the door to leave home, but eventually she realized we weren’t going to hurt her or her babies and she’d just sit there and watch us go by.  Now the babies have adopted her attitude.  See?  There’s no cause to discriminate because we’re different species.  I’d invite them over for BBQ sometime, wouldn’t you?



No More Kissing Babies!

We went to an event with all our rescue friends last weekend.  There were lots of cute babies of all sizes and degree of sweetness (none of them was less than perfectly sweet!).  I held them all and smooched on them without regard to my own health.  That was Saturday.  By Sunday night I had a scratchy throat.  By Monday night my throat was raw, swollen and yellowish-white.  I was up and down all night last night, just too miserable to sleep.  This morning we awoke to another thunderstorm, lights and alarm system flickering off then on, and Zoe absolutely petrified by it all.  So much for trying to rest and heal!  Even Bandit screamed at one point during a very loud thunder-boomer, and I’ve never heard Bandit scream in his life!  He wanted to be let out of his crate NOW and almost ran me over when I opened the door.  Of course, none of them wanted to go out in the downpour to pee so no throw-rug was safe.  I told Ronnie tonight I absolutely refuse to kiss any more babies the rest of my life.  I feel awful!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I took Gypsy to the vet for a pre-dental exam and blood work.  She enjoyed the trip but didn’t care much for having to sit in the doggie seat the entire way to Friendswood and back.  She stared knives at me the whole way.  Here she is on the way home wondering how damned long it’ll be before she can get home and get out of the car!

Gypsy: "Let me outta here!"

Gypsy: “Let me outta here!”

I also took Fancy to Starbucks for her puppy whip before I loaded Gypsy to go to the vet.  Fancy loves to go anywhere, anyhow, anytime, and stay as long as we want.  She never makes a sound and looks very interested in everything and everyone around her.  It’s like she’s watching a particularly exciting movie and is afraid she’ll miss something.

Fancy licking her lips with whipped cream on her chin

Fancy licking her lips with whipped cream on her chin

Today they all stayed home high and dry while I ventured out to the nail salon for some pampering, then some shopping.  Even though I felt bad it helped to just get a little bit of time to myself.  I didn’t accomplish a whole lot today but I got most of the laundry done when I got home and got part of the sewing supplies I’ll be needing this week to make purses.  I’ll probably go tomorrow and get the rest of the supplies.  I’m going to make at least 4 and maybe more with 2 different patterns.  I’ll post if I succeed, otherwise this will be the last you’ll hear of my purse-making.  LOL  I’ve made several so it’s not a big deal, just time-consuming and I have to be in the mood to do it.  Since I’m making purses for myself, too, maybe that’ll help motivate me.

Well, the old clock on the wall says that if I don’t go to bed I’m going to fall out of my chair.  It seems one of the sleeping pills is actually going to work.  Yay!  Good night!

Hunting Dog

We’ve thought all along of Bandit as a herding breed, but this Spring I’ve changed my mind…he is definitely a hunter.  He doesn’t run down elephants, rhinos or even deer, but he’s hell on the lizard population!  Today he brought in two recently deceased trophies, one I picked up off the couch with a paper towel, the other has yet to be seen post-battle.  I saw the combat right outside Bandit’s crate but couldn’t get him to give it up; I’m sure I’ll find the corpse when I pull his blankets out to be washed.  I hope I remember…otherwise the entire world will hear my scream when he falls on the top of my bare foot!



Bandit is such a good, beautiful dog.  This year he will be 5 years old; he has the shortest expected lifespan of our pack (10 years) and when that time comes he will be a true loss to the entire Lindsey family.  He has been a friend, a big brother, a protector, a confidante, playmate and snuggle-bunny for each dog that has come through our doors.  He’s loved them all and allowed the puppies to crawl all over him, bite him, abuse him and even lick the inside of his mouth (ewwwwwwwww!).  How could that not be love???  And he minds great, is attentive and a lot of company for us.  He always is ready for anything, or for nothing—our choice.  We’re so fortunate to have Bandit in our family.  We love ya, big boy!

Today I had one of those little girl snits!  I ran errands yesterday until 3:30 PM, bought groceries and fixed dinner.  Today I had a doctor’s appointment, Thursday and Friday also booked, then an event on Saturday.  When I got up today I was dreading driving 30 miles to see the podiatrist.  Then I just (mentally) put my hands on my hips, stomped my foot, and said to the universe, “No!”.  I thought then that I’d just spend the day in my nightgown and be damned if I cared if anything was accomplished today, but then I decided that I and the house smelled too bad for that scenario.  I soaked in the tub, took Fancypants to Starbucks and then came home and started laundry, got the bed linens changed, rugs washed, and still spent about 1 1/2 hours watching some sewing videos.  It was an excellent day!  And I rescheduled those appointments with no one caring one way or another.  I’ve got to start going easier on myself; I’m making retirement seem like way too much of a job!

Done-Not Done

Got Fancy to grooming and she’s feeling spiffy and pretty again.  Didn’t go to the podiatrist; changed it to next week but went to the optometrist instead.  I’ll finally have glasses I might be able to see through again in a couple of weeks (looking forward to that!).  Had cardiac echo Wednesday, waiting on the next 2 tests then we’ll be through with that for the year again.

Got into the sewing room the first of the week and embroidered 2 blankets to donate.  Only 16 more to do before the next project starts.  I got all the leashes and collars, etc., delivered to Friendswood and picked up Jolie’s medication.  At least my health is holding again so I should be able to keep up with it all again.  I’ll have to get my blood work done once more in order to stabilize my medication where it is now.  I’ll try to get in for that next week, too.  Knocking out the extra stuff bit by bit.  Princess goes to the vet Monday, so that’ll be another thing completed on my doggie medical list for 2015.  I’ll have 3 of them to get in for dentals, then Zoe, Daisy and Fancy for shots; then we’re through for the year.  Yay!  Next week I should be able to start getting estimates to replace our entire AC system.  Dreading the cost but it’s got to be done before it gets hot again, which is in the offing right now—It was 82 in Houston today already and it’s barely April!  It’s always something, isn’t it?

Plan is to make a few blankets every day so I don’t get overwhelmed knowing I have 18 blankets to deliver all at once.  Since 2 are complete and packed in individual bags already I’ll try to get a couple more done tomorrow after I get through with errands.  Got some laundry to do, etc., but nothing too terribly important that I can’t get in the sewing room for a few hours.  Hope fully I’ll sleep better tonight and will be more productive tomorrow.  My eyes are still somewhat dilated from the doctor’s office today.  I didn’t think it was supposed to last this long, but I’m not staying up much longer anyway.  They’ll be in full working order by the time I wake up in the morning.

Good night, loved ones!