Hunting Dog

We’ve thought all along of Bandit as a herding breed, but this Spring I’ve changed my mind…he is definitely a hunter.  He doesn’t run down elephants, rhinos or even deer, but he’s hell on the lizard population!  Today he brought in two recently deceased trophies, one I picked up off the couch with a paper towel, the other has yet to be seen post-battle.  I saw the combat right outside Bandit’s crate but couldn’t get him to give it up; I’m sure I’ll find the corpse when I pull his blankets out to be washed.  I hope I remember…otherwise the entire world will hear my scream when he falls on the top of my bare foot!



Bandit is such a good, beautiful dog.  This year he will be 5 years old; he has the shortest expected lifespan of our pack (10 years) and when that time comes he will be a true loss to the entire Lindsey family.  He has been a friend, a big brother, a protector, a confidante, playmate and snuggle-bunny for each dog that has come through our doors.  He’s loved them all and allowed the puppies to crawl all over him, bite him, abuse him and even lick the inside of his mouth (ewwwwwwwww!).  How could that not be love???  And he minds great, is attentive and a lot of company for us.  He always is ready for anything, or for nothing—our choice.  We’re so fortunate to have Bandit in our family.  We love ya, big boy!

Today I had one of those little girl snits!  I ran errands yesterday until 3:30 PM, bought groceries and fixed dinner.  Today I had a doctor’s appointment, Thursday and Friday also booked, then an event on Saturday.  When I got up today I was dreading driving 30 miles to see the podiatrist.  Then I just (mentally) put my hands on my hips, stomped my foot, and said to the universe, “No!”.  I thought then that I’d just spend the day in my nightgown and be damned if I cared if anything was accomplished today, but then I decided that I and the house smelled too bad for that scenario.  I soaked in the tub, took Fancypants to Starbucks and then came home and started laundry, got the bed linens changed, rugs washed, and still spent about 1 1/2 hours watching some sewing videos.  It was an excellent day!  And I rescheduled those appointments with no one caring one way or another.  I’ve got to start going easier on myself; I’m making retirement seem like way too much of a job!

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