We’ve Lost Our Girl


Flyer for Daisy

Flyer for Daisy

Our girl is missing from the sanctuary.  They called me Saturday and said she escaped after being frightened by thunder during a bad storm Friday night.   They said there was one sighting on Saturday but it wasn’t Daisy.  We drove around for 3 hours and found nothing and there’s nothing around there except a fish hatchery, lots of green fields, some farms where there were no animals around the homes, only farm animals, and one sparsely full subdivision set far back on the other side of the country road.  Where can she be and is she being well cared for wherever she is?   Daisy was never afraid of thunder when we had her; I’m very suspicious of this story.  And they said she is the only dog they’d ever lost!  How did she get out and no other dog has ever gotten out?  Why would she be afraid of thunder all of a sudden?  She’s 2 years old and never has been afraid of anything or anyone.  How could she be missing 5 days and no one has seen her?  Are they looking for her?  Or do they know she won’t come back because they’ve done something to her?  This sux!

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