Daisy Is Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Daisy has been found!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy has been found!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the poster says, Daisy is back home, safe and sound!  The sanctuary people found her walking down the street as if nothing was out of the ordinary and scooped her up.  They called me at 8 AM with the news.  Ronnie took off work before lunch and picked her up in Alvin where someone from the sanctuary met him with her so we wouldn’t have to drive all the way out to Danbury.

She is home, knows who we are and acts like she’s never been gone and nothing has ever changed in her life from before she went to the sanctuary at the end of 2014.  She loved on both of us, played in the yard and remembered Bandit (and he her).  She and Bandit are able to be out together though we’re still keeping an eye on them because Daisy is trying to dominate him and we don’t want that to even get started.  The “littles” don’t want her to even breathe the same air as they do, so nothing has changed there.  It’s going to take a while to get them all on the same page but we’re committed to doing it eventually.

She has a few abrasions on her legs and ankles but none of them are deep or infected, and don’t seem to bother her at all.  She’s going to the vet Friday morning for a complete check-up and to get some new Trifexis which she takes for heartworm and flea prevention.  Not expecting to find anything major though.  She has lost a few pounds from when she originally went to the sanctuary but she was up a few pounds then anyway.  She is slender but not bony or anything so she has been cared for sufficiently.  She doesn’t seem to have any psychological scars either so it seems they’ve cared for her well.  The gentleman today said everybody out there loved Daisy and were heartbroken when she came up missing.  I didn’t know if I believed that when they said she was gone, but, after seeing her today and talking to the staff lately I’m beginning to believe what they’ve been telling us.

Welcome home, sweet Daisy!  Mom and Dad love you, sweetie pie, and are so happy to have you home safe and sound!

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