Coasting Uphill?

Wow, when it rains, it pours, doggy-injury-wise.  Zoe goes back to the vet Tuesday morning.  They’ll sedate her and do more x-rays to check her hip.  Hopefully it’s all back in place and stable and she can go on living her young life.  Took Dusty in for his pain issue and found out it wasn’t his tummy but he has a pinched (or somewhat injured) nerve in his spine close to his neck.  So he’s on NSAIDs and pain meds now.  Also, vet says he’s too fat and has small bones so has to lose serious weight.  They sent a chart home to Ronnie of his weight gain, so he will stop feeding them so much crap.  Then, Diego got between Bandit and the food bowl and got nipped on the ear and neck so he’s on pain meds, too.  Yikes!

Zoe seems to be doing fine except she wants to be carried everywhere and held all the time (so what else is new? LOL).  But it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to walk much with her back legs tied together, so we’re humoring her.  Hoping that that is removed for good on Tuesday and she’ll be back to zipping around everywhere again.

Dusty is doing better, finished his pain pills today and still has a few days left on NSAIDs.  Also spoiled but that’s not new either.  He does seem a bit happier and is in less pain so he feels better all round.

Diego is feeling better and is moving around more but he’s still quite traumatized from the attack.  I don’t/wouldn’t wish injury on him but maybe he’ll realize in the future that, at only 5 pounds, he can’t just jump on the big dogs and expect to be king.  He needs to calm his butt down and stop playing so rough.  The big dogs don’t realize that they can hurt him very easily and Diego didn’t realize it either until this happened.  I really hope he’s learned a lesson and slows down now.  I don’t want to see him injured worse the next time.  His little ear has two puncture wounds in it so I may have to take him in to get antibiotics but otherwise he’s good physically.  You can’t move too fast or he screams and runs, so he has a little PTSD going on.  Poor baby!

Daisy is doing great!  She seems very happy and is calmer all the time.  Her wounds have healed and she’s doing great health-wise.  We’re still having some resource guarding issues with food bowls though.  Tonight we started feeding them all in their crates and moved some crates around so there’s no crate beside Daisy’s crate when she eats.  It seemed to work out; wish us luck!  We’ve had her out of her muzzle quite a bit but with Ronnie home on the holiday weekend there’s just too much excitement for the dogs to handle, so she still wears it for part of the day.  We make sure she has time out of the crate on her own without a muzzle and personal cuddle time, too.  We do the same for the little ones but for the most part they are all out together most of the time if Ronnie and I are both home to keep an eye on them.  It wasn’t this smooth when we had Daisy before; wish we didn’t have so many dogs and could keep her but I don’t see that happening.  We still have her listed for adoption and I updated her listing tonight.  Fingers crossed!  I’d love to find a good home for her.

I’ve got to get these dogs well because I have another foot surgery scheduled for June 4th.  I went Thursday for pre-op testing and lab work so everything is in forward motion.  These fur-babies have got to give me a break.  Otherwise I’m feeling well, and with all that’s gone on lately it’s a good thing.  I wanted to sew while Ronnie was off for 5 days but that didn’t happen either.  The house is cleaner (at least it was–Ronnie is a slob and leaves everything wherever and I refuse to clean up anything else until he goes back to work Tuesday.  Not worth it!  But the laundry, linens and all the dog crates/blankets have been laundered.  The fish tanks are clean, groceries bought, vacuumed and moved furniture and vacuumed under it and inside the closet, etc., so it is/was better for a while.  I got to a point where he was messing it up as fast as I cleaned, so I just put on the brakes.  No sense making work for myself; I have enough as it is; I’ll be so glad when he goes back to work!

Well, I’ll get my “Debbie Downer” butt off here and get ready for bed………

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