Able To Breathe Again

So tired but I only cried once today so that’s an improvement.  Took a car load of donations to the vet’s office this morning, went to Petsmart, home and then later to get my nails done.  I intended to do laundry when I got home but ended up making phone calls and working on business details.  It wasn’t a bad day though.  I just got a nice hot shower and am all ready for bed.  As soon as the dogs go to bed (R’s still watching TV) I’ll take my pill and it won’t be long then.  Decided today that I’m going to have to make an appointment with the ortho doctor.  I can barely stand sometimes for the pain in my hip.  Bad as I hate to admit it, it’s time to replace that one now.  I was going to wait until we got our new AC system installed in the house but I’ll be crawling by then, and I’m still gathering estimates on the AC replacement.

The little fish tank is gone, the extra crates are still folded up in the garage, and generally we have spiffed up the house a bit while moving and cleaning out “stuff”.  We had the cable TV taken out at the beginning of the month, so dismantled that stuff and moved it out, then moved the stereo out of my office and into the place where the DVR was.  So we actually have flat surfaces in the house with nothing on them…even dust!  Probably coated with dog hair again today; everything is.  Between Bandit and Daisy most of the house and our clothing is covered in white dog hair.  Who the hell cares?!!!!!!  LOL  They’re sweet babies and we’re all happy together so we’ll just deal with it.  Moved the extra dog gates into the back of my closet and out of the back of the couch.  Daisy loves to circle around the back of the couch and she’d hit the gate against the wall and make all kinds of racket.  It’d raise the dead but never fazed her.  Round and round she’d go, banging and banging all the way until we hollered at her to stop.  Silly girl!

Still missing JoJo but the dogs are beginning to adjust now.  Today I had to start calling down the big dogs for playing on the furniture.  Bandit and Daisy are having so much fun, which is why we adopted Daisy to begin with, to be a friend for Bandit to play with.  He’s been so great with all the dogs we’ve fostered or babysat for, and he never had anyone he could play with except when Maximus was small.  Once Max grew up and started with his personality disorder all he tried to do with Bandit was kill him.  Poor Bandit still loved Max with his head and neck full of stitches and a drain in his throat.  So it was Bandit’s turn for happiness and he’s so enjoying wrestling and running with Daisy, and she is happy now, too.  For a 50 pound dog, Daisy is one cuddle-bunny!  She wants to sit in our laps and lay all over us; she snuggles with the Chis and no one seems to care.  Mimi still wants to eat her at times and even bit her again today (just a nip, no blood drawn).  Mimi has always been a biter and she thinks she is the referee when the dogs play.  She will chase them completely out of the house when they get on her nerves, her nipping and barking and the big dogs running like hell through the doggie door.  Poor things!  It’s funny sometimes but I’m surprised none of them have turned around and bit her back.

So ends today’s doggie-saga.  Time to reboot my laptop and take my pill…..

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