Another Breath

Today was one of my better ones of late.  I had lunch with my daughter, just the two of us with no one else to intrude on our conversation…for the first time since she got married almost 30 years ago.  Loved it!  And during lunch it started pouring down rain.  All I could think was: Daisy!!!!  When I remembered she wasn’t in her crate I was able to calm down some.  Today was the first time I left Daisy, Bandit, Fancy and Gypsy out together, so I was holding my breath a little that they would be compatible with no issues.  After all, I was only gone long enough to have lunch; I wasn’t going shopping or to a movie or anything.  When I got home I discovered all dogs still in the shape I’d left them with no issues except that Daisy was sooooooo happy to see me (“Mom, you left me alone during RAIN!!!!”) that she jumped up on me and scratched my chin.  It was my fault because I should have been paying better attention; I couldn’t blame her because I know how excitable she is in the rain–it doesn’t have to thunder for her to get nervous.

Then a little while later my great-grandchildren called me on the phone.  It’d been months since I’d spoken to them and it was great!!!!!!  I love those kids so much and am so glad they love me, too, and hadn’t forgotten me.  I promised to visit on Saturday.  Can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown.

After R got home to babysit the dogs I went to Best Buy and bought a new TV antenna.  The other one worked fine but there were stations I was missing.  Managed to get a cheaper antenna and a promise from the salesman that if I’d bring the other, more expensive one back they would refund my money.  So the old one is packed in its box, receipt in my purse ready to go.  The new antenna gets the stations I want so everyone is happy and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get it.  Can’t beat days like that!

Tomorrow the AC guys come to do the quarterly check and I have a couple of errands to run.  I can’t do anything that takes me away from the house for extended periods because I can’t trust the situation with Daisy and the littles yet with the weather so changeable and her so unpredictable.  We’re taking it one day at a time even though so far it has all worked out just fine.  It only takes one slip for one of them to get hurt so we’re not pushing our luck.

Still missing JoJo.  Still a big hole where she used to be.  It seems like when you lose an animal all the stories you hear are negative and you hear the losses more than the successes.  I know that’s how it is; this is not the first dog we’ve lost but they each touch your heart in different ways and in different places.  And the pain is different every time.  I think I’m getting stronger where her loss is concerned but I still flash into tears very easily on a daily basis.  I can talk about it easier now so I’m getting there.  Baby steps.


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