Jojo’s Home

Today I took Mimi to the vet.  She and Daisy got into a tussle last night and Mimi ended up with a puncture wound on her right “elbow”.  She has antibiotics to take for 5 days but they didn’t think it was anything to worry about, just watch it for infection and to make sure it’s healing properly.  While I was checking out they brought out Jojo’s ashes; I didn’t expect to have them back so quickly, but she’s home to stay now.  We are going to have a funeral tomorrow for her and for Buffy’s ashes as well.  Buffy’s owner loved Jolie, too, so it seems fitting that they should rest together.  Our little backyard cemetery will grow by two.  The last addition was in 2011;  I hope there doesn’t have to be any more for a long time.

Ran a few errands on the way home with Mimi.  Later went and visited the great-grandkids for a bit.  When it started thundering I headed for home thinking I’d need to medicate Daisy ASAP, but when I got home she was doing good; it was Zoe who was the most upset with the weather, but when I got her out of the crate the rain miraculously stopped and everyone calmed down.  I think Mother Nature is screwing with me!

Other than a little laundry and organizing I didn’t accomplish a lot today.  I was tired and fell asleep on the couch sitting up so I didn’t push myself to do anymore than I did.  Hope tomorrow my energy returns because I’ve got to wash dog blankets for all the crates and clean the big fish tank.  Eventually I want to start sewing again now that the house has calmed down somewhat.  Even if I have to crate a couple of dogs while I sew that is doable a day here and there.  I have some purses to put together, a clothespin bag to make and some appliques for a birthday party in September.  Mom bought me some labels to put in the things I make so I can take credit and eventually make some money off my products.

It’s supposed to start storming again at 3 AM so we’re leaving Daisy out for the night.  Hopefully she will sleep on her bed beside our bed but we may end up closing the bedroom door.  There’s simply not enough room for all of us in the bed!  I’m tired but hate to take a sleeping pill because I’m afraid if Daisy gets upset I won’t hear her and be able to help her.  I don’t usually sleep if I don’t take one but even if I have to nap tomorrow when R’s up I don’t think it’s a good idea with a storm rolling in.  Usually I just sleep on the couch and close the door to the bedroom so R can sleep but my hip is in far too bad a shape to do that right now.  I’d have to break out my cane again (may have to anyway; I used it a couple of weeks ago).  It’ll all “come out in the wash”, I’m sure.

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