Rest In Peace, Sweethearts


Buffy & Jolie

Buffy & Jolie

Buffy and Jolie were interred today in our backyard cemetery.  We included Jolie’s collar tags and Buffy’s leash and topped the new grave with crepe myrtle flowers.  R & I both spoke over them and we both cried for their loss and the loss of our other two girls, Sassie and Miss Baby who are buried beside them.  We thought it odd that they died of similar ailments, failure of a major organ (or multiple in Jolie’s case), but supposed we all die of some organ failure, don’t we?

I ended up staying up almost to 3 AM last night before the weather changed and I was able to crate Daisy and go to bed so I slept in and R got up with the dogs, then he laid back down when I got up.  Sleeping in shifts sucks!  I was still exhausted when I woke up so the dogs didn’t get breakfast until 10 AM.  Oops!  I did get the fish tank cleaned but did no laundry at all.  I went grocery shopping and paid bills, cuddled dogs and watched TV.  Real productive, huh?  N-O-T!!!  Liable to be more of the same until my energy level comes back up.  Might be a little depression about losing JoJo, so I hope it gets better soon.  Except for during the “funeral” today I didn’t cry at all, so I think I’m beginning to heal emotionally.


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  1. Stevie Oldham
    Jun 29, 2015 @ 21:18:28

    Cheri, thanks for your posts about you and your family. Jolie had a wonderful live because of the care you and Ronnie gave her. I appreciate that so much. We loved Jolie…. I am lonely here by myself so much. I miss SD. My son comes by and visits me every evening . I am so glad he does. I am trusting that the Lord will help me continue peacefully at home even though I have never stayed by my self before..
    I entertain myself on computer and watch a lot of tv.. I use the phone a lot too.. So all together, I make out alright…. Love to both you and Ronnie.. Stevie


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