Celebrated Today

I don’t have to have my hip replaced!!!!!!!!!!  They’re supposed to do injections under fluoroscopy a week from now; doctor says my hip looks too good to mess with yet.  On the way home I stopped by the chiropractor to buy some more visits and got an adjustment.  Fortunately for me the doctor found out my pain is coming from muscles in my thigh and hip, not bones.  He gave me exercises to do and some suggestions on treatment.  First thing he wants me to do is go to a massage therapist and get the tension worked out of the muscle before I develop scar tissue.  I have an appointment for tomorrow already.  Who knew the muscle could be causing this?  Makes sense though because when I was being x-rayed at the orthopedist I was having muscle spasms on the table.  I never connected it to the pain.  After the chiropractor the pain was definitely better already.  I was so happy that I got R to take me out to dinner to celebrate.

Other than doctor visits and phone calls I didn’t get much else done today, nothing constructive anyway.  I found out my exhaustion is probably coming from running out of a medication 3 weeks ago that kept getting “cancelled” at Cigna’s pharmacy.  I finally got through on the phone today and found out that it was because the insurance didn’t cover that prescription and I had to pay for it out of pocket.  I wish they’d told me that a month ago; no one bothered to call to tell me.  It’s on its way now so I should feel better by the end of next week or so.  I guess that was constructive.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get the dog crates washed and maybe linens if I have the wherewithal to accomplish it.  I have a few more companies to call about air conditioner replacement; we’re getting close to making a decision on the purchase now.  It’ll all get done…some day.

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