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Good news-bad news day.  Bad news is my pain is not coming from muscles.  It is from my sciatica and the reason the exercise helps is because it’s pulling the lower part of my spine off of the nerve it’s compressing so it relieves my pain.  Good news–I don’t have to go back to the massage therapist and I don’t have to have the injections in my hip.  Bad news is I need a new chiropractor because there’s therapy I need to be doing that they’re not equipped for at our current practitioner.  But I was told that at this point chiropractic is exactly what I need to be focusing on until the inflammation clears up some.  Cigna called and they can’t issue 30 pills; I have to buy 90 or none at all, so $300 later I ordered 90. <<sigh>>  More good than bad though, I think.

I kicked into high gear today (medium gear, maybe?).  I called seven more air conditioning companies today and I refuse to call any more!  I have 5 appointments set up for estimates, one phone number not in working order and left a message at one.  If one of these doesn’t work, I’m going with one of the ones I already have in hand!  I have a good estimate but somebody else who lives here is being picky.  So I keep working on it.  <<sigh>>

I got our laundry and linens done today and will try to get the dog linens done tomorrow between appointments with 2 AC repairmen, chiro visit and Starbucks run.  Wish me luck!

Day started off weird so I’m surprised it ended up as well as it has.  Before daylight the burglar alarm went off, and went off some more.  If it had been R going to work he would silence it, right?  So I got out of bed and rushed into the living room.  There stood R looking aggravated, holding Daisy by her collar, and alarm continuing to sound.  Over the din I shouted “reset the alarm!”.  He did; with more words he got it reset properly before the alarm company called us for verification.  Seems he started to leave for work, set the alarm and Daisy decided she was going to work with him.  He couldn’t convince her not to so out the door she went with R in pursuit.  After a few seconds of the door standing open the alarm sounded….and pandemonium ensued.  So we get it ironed out and Daisy in her crate.  R left for work and I went back to my nice, soft bed for retired folks.  And then it thundered.  Crap!!!!!  Out of the bed I went again and released Daisy from her crate.  Bandit, Zoe, Daisy and I went back to bed together: Daisy, Zoe and me under the covers on my side of the bed with Bandit on R’s side.

We then all slept until 9:30; not even the crated dogs woke up before then.  I don’t know why they all slept in this morning but it worked for me!  I was still feeling exhausted so I released the creatures from their jails and ordered, “Potty–Potty!!!”.  They looked at me like I’d lost my mind—it was raining outside for god’s sake!  Two of them peed on the rug; I didn’t see what the rest did but I just sat on the couch to gather my wits.

I figured the day was doomed already because I was soooo tired and I’d just gotten up, but I surprised myself and started the day the same as usual by feeding the beasties breakfast then doing a Starbucks run.  I put Daisy in her crate (her turn), went out to the car, started the motor….and it thundered.  Crap!!!!!!!!!!  So, I left the car running, went back inside, put the lead on Daisy and put her in the car.  So, Daisy got a puppy whip this morning.

The entire day was a comedy of errors; I don’t know why I’m in such a good mood.  I’m even planning on trying to wear shoes again tomorrow.  My foot looks a bit better and isn’t quite as sore as last week when I tried to wear shoes, so wish me luck!

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