Quiet, Lazy Day

You can hear a pin drop around here today—as long as it’s a big, heavy pin.  Got the dogs up, talked to my mom on the phone for almost an hour so didn’t feed the beasties on time.  Fed them, finally, started laundry, put dog bowls in hot water to soak, loaded up Daisy in the car, went through Starbucks drive-through then bought gas.  Home now.  Dishwasher running, caught up on computer “stuff”, about to go swap out the laundry.  All the dogs are asleep or in a hell of a good position to get that way.  Dusty and Zoe are in my lap; Dusty is grooming her while she sleeps.  Daisy is asleep under my chair.  Fancy and Gypsy are asleep on the ottoman.  Bandit and Mimi are asleep in the living room.  Very peaceful; too bad it’s about to get noisier because I’m going to start cleaning and messing with houseplants so I’ll have plenty of assistance from the canine division.  More later maybe.

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