Zoe has officially adopted a new mama since Jolie’s passing.  I’m not completely happy with her choice or her copied behavior though because she has chosen Mimi to copy.  Remember Mimi?  Mimi barks at the other dogs when they get rowdy or play too close to her.  Mimi barks when she hears the smallest of noise.  Mimi bites other dogs and people (other than us—-any more).  Mimi chases the big dogs out the dog door when they get on her nerves.  Why Zoe idolizes Mimi now is very confusing except that Mimi weighs more and is bigger than the other Chihuahuas, and it was Jolie at the top weight that used to set her apart for Zoe.  Jolie was a crotchety old canine woman who had always been an only dog and wanted to continue in that fashion when she came to us.  But to Zoe, Jolie was the one she cuddled with, followed around and, I guess now, emulated the most.  Jolie would growl at the other dogs when they got too close but never with Zoe.  Zoe was her golden child, and even though she never groomed her or sought her company, Jolie allowed Zoe to be in her space whenever she choose to be there.  I guess “mama” has many definitions.

But now, Zoe is picking up Mimi’s bad habits.  One of the things we reprimand Mimi for most is jumping at the other dogs when they play, make noise or do anything else she disagrees with.  Now Mimi AND Zoe bark at the other dogs.  It’s frustrating!  We have Mimi on calming medication twice per day to calm her down enough to survive the pack and now Zoe is emulating her!  Crap!!!!  Just what we need!

Today I bought shoes…one pair for $156 (the most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned!).  I did manage to wear them from the time I bought them and wore them out of the store at about 10:30 this morning until about 10 PM tonight.  My foot hurts some but it’s not unbearable, so I’m making some progress.  Had another AC repairman out today for another estimate.  The last one comes tomorrow and we’ll make a decision.  I’ll be so glad!!!!!  I also went to the chiropractor, PetSmart, CVS and Starbucks.  Got home a few minutes past 11 just in time to finish the laundry and do a little cleaning before the AC guy was due to arrive.  He was a little late but by now I don’t care if they show up at all.  Our decision is pretty much already made.  These guys have all been pricing themselves out of business anyway.  I’d be surprised if any of them are going to beat the vendor we’re trending toward.  I just want to get it over with.

Tomorrow I’ll probably hit the grocery store and Starbucks then hang around the casa and wait for the last AC man.  I have some computer stuff to do and I want to start toward doing some sewing again if the hounds will allow me some time without killing each other.  Daisy has an adoption application pending so we may get some peace again soon.  Wish her luck!  I met the family and they genuinely seem like a good place for Daisy.  We’ll find out soon.  It’ll take me hours to pack up all of Daisy’s belongings.  LOL  She’s amassed quite a lot of “things”, a dog bed, multiple blankets, harness, leash, 3 medications, etc.  Diego has been adopted, too, to a family who loves him dearly.  That’s how all animals should be, loved and cared for completely.

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