How Rude!

The last AC man neither called nor showed up.  I waited an hour then left to buy groceries; I saw how dependable he was just from his actions, or lack thereof, today.  Waiting on one last estimate to come via email but I think the decision is made already.

Wore my new shoes again today and found myself in Kroger’s not limping or hurting at all.  I think we have a winner here!  It wasn’t a bad day; I even got time to reload a laptop and work on another.  Daisy slept on the ottoman in my office most of the time and, since Mimi had acted up, Miss Mimi was in her crate asleep.  It was pretty peaceful and felt great to be able to do something I wanted to do again.  Mimi was on a tear most of the day and evening.  She ended up crated a total of 3 times; not exactly a stellar performance, I’d say.

Our Oscar fish, Blondie, is sick.  He’s not eating and has sores on and in his mouth (probably why he’s not eating, huh?).  He doesn’t look good at all.  I added salt to his tank and some antibiotic this evening.  Hoping that’ll start to fix him on up.  He’s a beautiful fish and the only one we have right now.  If he goes it might mean the end of this tank.  I’d really like to get a hexagon so it’d take up less space but I need this big tank for an Oscar so it stays as long as Blondie does.  I have some photos of him but I guess I’ve already backed them up externally so I’d have to connect a drive to find them.  Our last Oscar fish, Antoinette, was a ruby red Oscar.  Blondie is a lutino, or almost albino but has some orange color on him.  Oscars are very personable fish; they’re easy to humanize because they are so expressive.  We’re always putting words in his mouth for him.

It’s midnight and I’m finishing up the last laptop.  Time to take my sleeping pill and call it a night.



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