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Left Side

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Right Side

Poor Blondie is still ailing.  When I tried to feed him this morning he got spooked and bashed his head into the gravel (hence the bleeding on his left cheek).  Poor guy!  We did 5 days of antibiotics and salt addition and he’s no better and still not eating at all.  Today we went to the pet shop and bought 2 more antibiotics, did a 60% water change and dosed him up with different medications.  We’ve been checking on him every hour or so.  He still isn’t eating but doesn’t seem to be losing any weight, which is weird.  His right jaw is swollen and really looks ugly; don’t know if we’ll be able to save him this time.  He’s never been this sick before but we’re running out of options.  This morning we talked about euthanizing him but I couldn’t, in good conscience, give up before I tried everything I could no matter what it cost.  So here we are…don’t know if he’ll still be with us tomorrow but we’re fighting with him.  Can’t tell with a fish if he’s in pain or suffering but the swelling may be slightly less tonight.  Fingers crossed.

Wasn’t a bad weekend and the weather has been gorgeous.  Went to a wedding yesterday then R went out of town to visit his ex’s family overnight.  Spent today messing with the fish tank, the dogs, the yard and flower bed.  Watched a little light TV and now all are in bed except me.  Got most of the laundry done, bed linens changed, etc.  Tomorrow I have some errands, chiropractor and Mom to the doctor, finish financing for the new AC system, etc.  Still I’m tired, not sleepy but feeling peaceful.  Had another “JoJo Time” moment tonight; still missing her and the pack is still morphing but calming down somewhat.  Think I’ll finish up “computing” and prepare for bed.


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