Daisy 0 Fly 1

After the dogs were fed this morning I loaded up Daisy, went through Starbucks then drove to Friendswood to pick up some dog medicine.  When we got there, there was a big male dog in front of the clinic.  Daisy went into “I must protect my mama” mode, so I had to roll the windows down some and leave her in the car.  I’ve never left any of them in the car before but she was in the shade and I just had to go to the counter, pick up the medicine, pay and leave, so I left her there for those few moments.  When I got back in the car there was a fly buzzing around the interior.  No problem, except Daisy (and Bandit) are bug exterminators.  She lunged at the fly (and hit her nose on the windshield) and I thought she got it because it wasn’t there anymore.  That’s when I thought of the title: Daisy 1 Fly 0.  But when we were almost home here came that same fly zipping around our heads as if to say, “Na na na na na!  You can’t catch me!!!!!”.  I had to smile because with the heat in the car once we got home the fly will not survive.  And it really will be: Fly 0 after all.

Blondie is still sick and I still don’t know if he’ll survive, but the swelling has gone down and he appears to be healing, but he’s still not eating so may starve to death before he heals.  I just finished doing a water change and adding more medication.  I fed him some flake food but it’s not really a favorite of his so he’s not likely to eat it.  We’re still watching him for signs that he’s going to survive, or not, but hoping for the best.  Edit: Rest In Peace, Blondie.  He didn’t make it through the night.

I’ve finally caught up on most of my To Do list so took this time to just sit down at the computer and write.  I’ve got dog blankets in the washer and 5 more crates to do.  Hopefully I’ll get the energy to vacuum at some point today but it’s not there now.  I could use a nap but probably won’t get that either, but I’m finished with errands until tomorrow so maybe I can just get a break.  Wish me luck!

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