New Vista

New tank configuration (so far)

New tank configuration (so far)

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Today I took the next steps with the new fish tank.  I added decorations, ran new air lines and re-piped what was there that wouldn’t fit with the new design.  All the fish are alive and happy; I’ve seen no problems with anything so far and have really enjoyed watching them explore their new abode so energetically.  Next on the schedule is to add plants. Then, if all is still well it’ll be on to buying more fish.

Today I ran errands, worked on the fish tank, cleaned house and took my mom to her doctor’s appointment.   The yard people cut the grass, business was conducted; flowers were sent to the funeral home for tomorrow.  Most memorable part of the day was watching the fish; they’re are so soothing that it’s easy to lose track of time while watching them.  I didn’t even turn on the TV until time for the news and I never missed the noise.  When R got home he took me to dinner.  It was a pleasant night and now all are in bed except Daisy, Zoe and me (and I’m the only one of us still awake)…and we will follow soon!

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