Vista II


Done now?

Done now?

The rest of the fish are in now.  I’ve bought about 49 fish altogether (5 types/colors) and we’ve lost 2, but we have babies swimming around in there this morning who look to be about 2 days old, so I think this configuration is working.  I still want to get more black mollies but I bought all they had and will have to wait for another shipment.

We finally got our new AC installed yesterday.  They started at 8:30 AM and left at 6:30 PM.  They will have to come back to replace the vent covers but that’s only supposed to take about an hour.  It is so nice in here now since this system adjusts the humidity and the temperature, so even if the temperature is higher it still feels cooler and more comfortable.  I’m so glad it’s finally over and is one less thing I have to stress about.  My stress level has been so high the past 3 months that I actually think my ulcers may be recurring; I’ve been hurting off and on for the past couple of weeks.  May be time to do something different in my life.  Hopefully Daisy will get adopted next week so I can have my life back again.  It helps to be able to get out of the house from time to time but I haven’t had that option since May.

I just dropped Fancy off at the groomers so she can get spruced up for the summer.  With all her hair it looks very uncomfortable in the Texas heat.  I had to crate the dogs all day yesterday since workmen were here 10 hours.  They only got to get out, stretch their legs, get a drink and go potty once then had to wait until 5 PM to go again.  They were very patient even in the heat and the stress of PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE!  Every time the door would open they would all go crazy barking and you just cannot have a conversation in that cacophony.  But as the day wore on they quieted down easier and faster as they got used to the routine.  I had ceiling fans going everywhere but it still went over 80 degrees inside no matter what I did.  They were hot, panting occasionally but not harmfully hot with the air flow (I was there with them all day).  I felt so sorry for them having to be confined but it worked out.  R and I figured that once they got their freedom they would be ecstatically exuberant; instead they took it in stride.  Of course I was not going to cook dinner so R took them out in the yard while I made a run to Sonic.  Then I fed them and they were as if they hadn’t had any stress at all during the day.  Just when I think I understand my dogs they do something completely unexpected!

Today we go back to laundry: bed linens first, then clothes and dog blankets.  I don’t think I have enough energy for anything more strenuous.  Right now the dogs are sleeping and all you can hear is my fingers on this keyboard.  We are getting new neighbors next door so all the dogs in the neighborhood are on high alert.  I’m trying to keep mine quiet so the doggie door is temporarily closed.  It’s too hot to go out there anyway, right?


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