Productive Day–Tired

It was Monday, so R went back to work.  That always means I get a lot done (without him around under my feet LOL), and I did.  Ran errands, made phone calls, worked on an embroidery design for a friend (software, not stitching yet), business on the PC, bleached my teeth and washed all the blankets in all the dog crates.  Then I went through 2 closets, tried on clothes, packed up 3 bags for donations, then went through the container of extra dog blankets and cleaned those out (now the lid closes—imagine that!).  After that I washed our clothes.  The last of the colored load is still in the dryer as I’m too tired to finish tonight.

The new AC is fab-u-lous!  There’s actually times when I have to turn off the ceiling fan in the living room or put a sweater on to keep from adjusting the thermostat.  And I can actually leave a little outside light coming in most of the day without cooking us.  Wow!  I’ve felt better since it’s been in, too.  I feel like I have a little more energy, maybe because I’m not fighting the heat and humidity, too.  On to the patio cover next and it’ll be even cooler in here!  Yay!

Took my sleeping pill already so I’ll close because I can’t spell now.  This must be a strong one!  G’night, all!  I’ll try to type something sensible tomorrow.


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