Daisy’s Being Adopted!

I got the call at 1:10 this afternoon that Daisy has been adopted.  I’ve washed up and packed her belongings, medications, toys, bones, etc., and will have her there by 10 A.M. tomorrow.  So happy for her and for us!  She will have a wonderful family where she is the only dog and will have all the attention and love.  She won’t have other dogs yapping and snapping at her all the time and won’t have to be crated for anything anymore.  That will put us down to Bandit and 5 Chihuahuas…and that’s the last of our fostering days.  We’re done for good now.  Too tired, too old, too worn out and used up to foster any more.  I’m still interested in animal welfare but will have to find another way to contribute.

I got some doggie stuff cleaned out and reorganized today when I started washing and packing for Daisy.  Did a few loads of laundry, blankets, dog blankets and harnesses, too.  Tomorrow I’ll try to vacuum again and see how fast the hair piles up without Daisy adding to the mess.  She and Bandit seem to be the biggest contributors to the piles of hair which accumulate in, on, around and under every damned thing in the house and car.  It’s 100+ degrees in Texas this time of year; I’d shed my hair, too, if it’d keep me a little cooler.  I’m so looking forward to having my life back and shrugging off the load of stress I’ve been under lately.  It’ll really be a pleasant and welcome change.  Now I can go see my grand-kids away and near, and I can get back to my sewing again.  At last!

It’s been a good day with lots of good news and lots of phone calls.  I’ve talked more today than I have for the last 6 months!  It’s good to know I’m loved, though, so I’ll deal with it.  I’m just not the out-going type and tend to live mostly in my head—and like it that way, too.  Tomorrow, once I drop off Miss Daisy, I should be able to pick up my life where I left off and go merrily along……I hope!  LOL  Paws and fingers crossed!

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