JoJo Time

I’ve come to realize that every evening around 5 PM we experience “JoJo Time”.  That’s when we used to give Jolie her evening pills.  She always knew somehow when it was time and would wait patiently in the kitchen for me to wrap them up in a Pill Pocket and put it in her vicinity.  She would gobble them up ASAP and wait for any other treats that might come her way.  Now, about the same time in the evening I have this overwhelming feeling that I’m forgetting something very important.  R and I commented about it right after Jolie left us but didn’t think much about it after that, until last night.  R had the day off work and we were done with chores, sitting in the living room with the TV on.  We looked at each other expectantly and I asked what I was forgetting; he didn’t know either.  Then it dawned on me what time it was…..JoJo Time.  I asked him if he ever thought about not giving Jolie her evening sub-q fluids anymore and he admitted that he misses that window of time that was special to just the two of them.  I wonder how long it’ll be until something else takes those short moments in time that it took to medicate Jolie.  For now, it’s just a bit of time to remember what that once meant, and the little lady we’re still missing.

Made it through most of Independence Day already.  There actually has been less fireworks close to us than usual, and that is welcome for us.  We gave Daisy a pill in advance for her thunder anxiety.  She and Zoe have done pretty good so far, just a little shakiness for a few moments here and there, and one time when Daisy got really restless I covered her and Zoe with a blanket and snuggled them next to me.  They both napped and calmed right down. It’s been a great anti-climax as we’ve been dreading the usual cacophony of noise that usually heralds the 4th of July and New Years.  I guess the neighborhood has either gotten more responsible or the kids to adults ratio has changed over the last 6 months.  We never go watch fireworks as we’re always watching the dogs and keeping them safe.  We have part of them already crated for the night but Zoe and Daisy probably won’t be crated tonight at all.  I don’t want to mess with success by upsetting Daisy if some idiot decides he has some explosives left over he just has to explode in the middle of the night tonight.  It happens.

We’re mowing right on through AC replacement estimates.  Only 2 more to go before a decision is made and we have a likely candidate already.  Got all my errands run yesterday, groceries bought so we could BBQ today, nails done, Petsmart, chiropractor, etc.  All the laundry is done, dog crates clean, fish tank clean, and had time to sit and watch movies on TV this evening.  The dogs have been super chilled out the past two days and absolutely no planned work for tomorrow (cannot believe this one!).

I tried to wear another pair of shoes Thursday and only made it to 4 PM before they had to come off.  So I’m back to sandals again.  I don’t go back to the podiatrist until the 16th so I hope he knows why I can’t wear shoes yet and that he fixes it.  I was so looking forward to being able to wear real shoes again.  After 3 surgeries and 7 months I was expecting to have this all behind me.

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