Good Day Sewing

I got a lot accomplished today: went to the chiropractor, picked up more black mollies from Petsmart, drove through Starbucks, did the remaining load of laundry and sewed the rest of the day.  I finished remodeling the swag from the window in the kitchen; it’s now a valance instead.  Then I finished an applique project for a friend, cleaned up the extra fabric I had stacked up, pulled out and ironed fabric for the remaining dog toys and a clothes pin bag.

1 of 16 appliques finished today

1 of 16 appliques finished today

Got everything embroidered today so planning on sewing tomorrow.  I have enough stuff to make about 5 more dog toys.  I used up all the brown canvas so these will be black with white rope and crunchy stuff inside.  Bandit loves them.  Then I embroidered a design on off-white canvas that I’m making into a clothes pin bag.  Cute design that I bought online then altered.  Stitched out just great except one color of thread that wasn’t any good.  I completed that color then threw the rest in the trash.


Design stitched out for clothes pin bag

Design stitched out for clothes pin bag

Tomorrow I hope to get the sewing projects completed that I started today and put together some patterns for purses that are next on my agenda.  I have bought fabric for 3 purses and have received a panel that was stitched to my specifications for a tote bag.  So that’ll get added to my agenda soon.  I have yet to get the rest of the fabric for the tote bag; the plans are still sketchy in my brain but I’ll get there.

Time to go soak in the tub.  How luxurious that sounds right now.  I’m so enjoying the peace!

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