Sometimes Coasting

I’ve managed to get part of my To Do list completed but it’ll never all get done.  If I didn’t keep adding to it so much, I might just see a blank page sometime…yeah, right!  LOL  I haven’t gotten much sewing done but what I have done has helped immensely as I can finally see my sewing tables that were hidden under endless piles of things I needed to do.  I ended up making 8 dog toys instead of 5 but haven’t yet had time to draw out the pattern for the clothes pin bag so that is still incomplete.  I went to the office store this morning and bought graph paper so hopefully that project is back on the table, however, I have picked up 2 more embroidery projects for a friend’s child.  LOL  It’ll all get done just the way it’s meant.  I try not to stress over it because I don’t have any set deadlines, only the ones in my mind which are sometimes the worst kind.  I have clean, dry laundry that has been sitting in the dryer for 2 days simply because I had other things I’d rather accomplish.  Such a life of leisure!  Loving it!

The pack is back to their laid-back selves, all calm and sleepy-eyed the majority of the time.  Fancy went to the vet today for her scheduled check-up; she’s having a dental cleaning this month so had blood work done in preparation.  Doc discovered Fancy now has an age-related heart murmur so she is on medication now for the remainder of her life.  She turns 15 in November and has already beat cancer so this is a small bump in the road; she takes 1/2 of a small pill each night with dinner.  Not too bad.  The only negatives with the pack right now is heat-related.  With the state of the summer Texas weather they are shedding gobs of hair everywhere…..I truly mean gobs…handfuls of hair.  We’re vacuuming it up and picking it up with our hands, too.  Yesterday I washed all their blankets and, of course, they were all covered in fuzz.  We’re inundated with dog hair right now.  We can’t even blame any of this on Daisy because we cleaned and mopped even under our bed after Daisy got adopted, so this belongs to our critters only.  You’d think they’d be bald by now but they keep cranking it out; never slows down.  We need a good snow storm or six.  Don’t think they’ll show up any time soon, so we’ll just keep plodding along with what we’ve got.

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