Loving This

I am loving my new-found freedom since Daisy got adopted.  I go and come when I please now and can clean or sew or do nothing, as I please.  My housekeeper came today and made everything shine while I sewed and worked with embroidery software on the computer.  You’d think I was retired or something.  Loving my life right now.

Clothes Pin Bag

Clothes Pin Bag

I finished the clothes pin bag and today made another hanging bag for the dog harnesses and ThunderShirts.  When the fray block dries I’ll get some pictures, but the garage wall by my clothes dryer will never be the same!  I cleaned the part of the garage where the washer and dryer sit since I sometimes fold clean clothing on top of them as they come out of the machine.  I don’t like to put clean clothes in a dirty place.  Ugh!  So I try to keep it clean there (floor and all–what if I drop something?).  When the AC peeps were going into the attic to work they’d tracked a bunch of crap in and out of the house, a lot of it through the garage.  So now it has been vacuumed and swept and all the superfluous crap removed.  That included removing all the garbage that was hanging on any available hook on the wall where I hang things that actually need to be hung up.  So I’m in the process of making a system of hangers for necessary things.  This may be the last bag I need to sew; I’ll keep you posted.  I now have a couple of baby dresses to monogram and then can get back to my purses.  The graph paper I bought to make the clothes pin bag pattern worked famously so it’ll be great to make the purse patterns, too.  It was fun drawing on graph paper; I hadn’t messed with any in years.

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