Harness Hanger Done






Dog Design

Dog Design

Done with this damned heavy canvas!  I don’t know how many needles I broke or how many cuss words I spoke, but it and the clothes pin bag are done and neither cost me anything since they were made out of scrap fabric I’d bought when I first started sewing purses 4 years ago.  You’d think I’d run out of fabric sometimes but I don’t.  Happy sew-ists just keep on buying and never use it all.  I cleaned some out and gave it to my mom because I knew I’d never make anything from it because I don’t care to sew clothing and that’s what I’d bought the fabric for.  I gave her several bags full that she had a good time playing with so we both profited from it (me in the buying and fondling of fabric, she in the sewing).

Mom is the only one in the family that likes to sew besides me.  At least we have something in common even in our senior years.  She was the one who taught me to sew when I was in grammar school.  At that point everyone in the family sewed; my aunt was a locally famous seamstress who made a lot of elaborate costumes for Mardi Gras in Galveston and for dance recitals (we all did ballet, too…that didn’t take for me because I was too shy but I loved, and still love, to dance).  My grandmother’s attic was a treasure trove of fairy-like costumes she’d let us try on and play dress-up with.  Grandma gave me my first sewing machine and she taught me to crochet because my cousins bought me some yarn for a xmas gift.  She was the one who did hand embroidery, too.  I guess this is where I get my interest in creating with thread because I grew up with so many dreamy things around me.  My aunt and grandmother are gone but Mom still likes to tinker with sewing things.  And she loves to see what I am doing with it.  She bought me some labels to put in the things I sew that say: “An original by Cheri Lindsey”.  I have yet to use one of the 20 she had made for me, but I will soon (I hope).

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