Weekend’s Over Now

And it was a busy one…again.  R is painting the outside of the house and is working his butt off in the Texas heat, but I must admit I really like it.  We have to leave the color the same because that is what’s approved by the HOA but since I’m the one who picked the same beige color when I had the house built I still think it’s a fine color 23 years later.  This is the second time it’s been painted since the original contractors painted it but I don’t remember it looking this nice last time.

I have been doing my spring cleaning…just a bit later than Spring.  I have cleaned and reorganized most of the closets and part of the garage, moved furniture and reorganized my sewing room, the linen closet/medicine cabinet, reorganized the file cabinet and caught up with all the sewing projects I had stacked up waiting for me.  I started some stuff for a baby shower today but need more fabric before I can finish.  My local store is not open on Sunday so it had to wait.  I also washed linens for us and the pack, vacuumed, etc., so we’re ready to meet the week head-on.  Yesterday I bought another embroidery software module and some new designs and reorganized that and the filing system I’m using for it on my laptop.

Tomorrow Fancy goes in for her dental cleaning so I’ll be up earlier than usual but the day should be pretty much a non-event since we’ve done this all before.  She’s had her pre-op blood work done and approved already.  I have some appointments off and on this week but nothing critical or lasting.  Hoping I can get some sewing done in between errands and events.  I’m really feeling so much more relaxed as time goes on.  My stress level is coming down nicely and my health is improving.  It’s about time to get back on my healthy diet and attack that side of my health.

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