Downturn’s Upturn

Sleeping bareback rider

Zoe, the sleeping bareback rider

It was a different kind of week last week.  After being super-charged the week and weekend before, I ran out of gas last week.  By the end of the week I just felt exhausted and wrung out.  Very manic-depressive month.  This past weekend we didn’t get much of anything done and slept like crap most nights (probably the reason nothing got done).  I had my sleep study done a week ago and haven’t been the same since; I feel like I’m still trying to catch up on my rest.

Today was actually a little better, I think.  I moved stuff around in the garage so we can get the freezer door open again, bought groceries and moved everything out of the little freezer into the big one like it’s supposed to be.  Then I did multiple loads of laundry (bed linens, clothing, rugs, etc.).  Tomorrow I’ll try to get the dog crates all washed up for another week, too.  And maybe I’ll get back in the sewing room again.  I upgraded the little laptop to Windows 10 and set up all my sewing program stuff so I can use it for my designs again.  I have some baby gifts I want to sew up and bought some new designs that I just had to have but have no idea what I’m going to stitch them on yet.

I’m in the process of doing (having done actually) a reboot on the flower beds.  Talked with our yard folks today and they’re coming back Thursday to remove the old yucky mulch, weed, trim and install new mulch in the beds.  Since it’s been raining for a week they didn’t cut grass until today.  I’m loving how everything is green and blooming again.  Sweet!!!!!!!  It’s like having Spring back instead of the dregs of Summer.  It’s back to being hot as hell but at least it’s green and nice to look at for a time.

Our pack is getting sweeter every day.  Most of them play together now even though some of them have never played before.  And Zoe continues to amaze us with her social and physical development.  We always expected her to be the “special” dog with her little skinny crooked and shaky legs and eyes that never matched and her fears of most things…like walking from the couch to the closest dog crate by herself.  Just motivating through the house was her biggest trial.  And now (since Daisy and Diego both got adopted and Jolie passed away) Zoe is acting like a normal almost three year old puppy dog.  She’s learned to bark and stand up for herself and her pack.  It’s been kind of cute watching her blossom into an adult Chihuahua.  Pretty cool itty bitty, sweet dudette!

Dusty has come back to me to be loved on and played with; and I love that little dude so much;  he owns a big chunk of my heart and mind…and he knows it too.  LOL  We’re back to being the family we started out to be before we got so involved in “rescue”.  We’re back to the pack we want to watch grow and prosper and live out their lives in the happiest, and healthiest manner possible.  This is it, where we will stay for some time now and just let things work out as they need to with our pack.


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