Sunday, Lazy Sunday

How lazy you ask?  Well, R is sound asleep and I’m reloading a laptop with Windows 7 that will just not run Windows 10 properly.  Yes, I have laundry to do.  Yes, I’m still in my nightgown and it’s 11:30.  I just don’t seem to care.  R has a bug of some kind.  Tummy troubles yesterday and upper respiratory for days that has only gotten worse with each passing day.  I’m kind of glad he went back to bed because he’s a sick puppy who won’t usually give up until he’s about to die.  Today is that day evidently.

Yesterday we took a trip to Texas City to my mom’s, ate some barbeque, bought groceries, went to PetSmart, Lowes and then to Staples.  Then we came home and dismantled the filter in the fish tank and replaced the necessary parts.  Every time we have a power failure it seems to mess up the motor in the filter; don’t know how many times that’s happened so far.  And it’s cheaper to buy an entire filter than to replace the internals of the motor.  Ridiculous!  But it’s done now.  Went ahead and downsized the air pump that runs the decorations in the tank, too.   The other one had just too much output for our needs and we didn’t want to burn it up—we may need it someday.

Tomorrow our Dusty goes in for his dental cleaning; that will be the last one for 2015.  All the dog vetting will be complete again…until January when it all starts over.  LOL  But we know they’re healthy and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?  I’m expecting to have a quiet week this week and hope I’m not disappointed.  I’m still trying to get my equilibrium post-Daisy.  I’ve had my ups and downs; hopefully now will just go into “normal” mode.

I’m really aggravated with my best laptop.  I had it custom-built when I retired and it has all the bells and whistles including maxed out memory, 19″ screen, plenty of HDD and 3D graphics I can watch with the included 3D glasses.  (Really cool to play with but impractical in real time)  It’s fast, beautiful and will do anything you ask of it…except sleep or restart after sleep in Windows 10.  I have put Windows 10 on it twice and had to reload Windows 7 Ultimate twice because none of the fixes work.  I’m so aggravated by this!  I have Windows 10 running on a little “throwaway” laptop I bought from eBay to play with and it all works beautifully.  I can’t make it fail!  They’re both HP laptops and both about the same age but I think my “good” laptop’s video card is screwing up the equation.  That’s what the troubleshooting points to and I hate it!  It may be time to start saving money for a new laptop.  R’s is about ready to be replaced and he always takes my good (best in the house) laptops when I buy a newer one.  There’s nothing wrong with my big laptop; it’s just not going to do what I want it to anymore.  <sigh>  (And at that instant I got an email from HP advertising new laptops!  LOL  No, no, no, HP.  Not yet…)

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