Not feeling my best right now.  I’m still having issues with the muscle spasms in my left calf caused from my back but beginning to feel like I’m beating my head into the wall.  Nothing is helping it, really.  Chiropractic helps temporarily but after an hour the pain is back.  I’ve already spent a small fortune paying for visits and have nothing to show for it.  Massage helps it but is also a temporary fix.  This week I’ve started wearing my back brace again.  Wore it two days in a row then decided not to today…and have paid for it royally!  My leg is giving me fits!!!!!  I think I’m going back to square one and calling my PCP for an appointment to start over.  It has been 18 months since I hurt my back and I can’t see living my life in pain and limitations if there’s a chance someone or something can fix it.

Went to the pulmonologist this week for results from my sleep study and, of course, I have apnea (original diagnosis was 2008) and they recommend a CPAP.  I had a CPAP that didn’t help and there was no improvement in the quality of my sleep; I told the doctor that so we’re going to try a mouthpiece instead.  Hope it helps; I’m so tired of being tired!  I wake up exhausted and spend the entire day trying to keep moving.  I don’t know if it’s exhaustion or depression that’s got its hold on me right now but I’m ready for it to stop.

Other than that I’m managing just fine.  It has been rainy the past couple of days but our plants need it so I can’t complain.  Everything is green and colorful.  The house is cleaner than it has been for a while.  I’ve been trying to do everything I can without the housekeeper.  Not that there’s a problem but just to see if I could do it without help.  I can’t mop or sweep (doctor’s orders because of my back) but I vacuum so R can mop for me.  However, our housekeeper is coming next week to take it over again.  I’ll be glad to have her back.  I thought perhaps she’d gotten too busy for us but found out we’d just fallen off her calendar and never got put back on.  We’re firmly family again now.

This week I did the nails appointment and hair appointment thing but have yet to sew anything.  However, I did buy myself a couple more Craftsy classes on machine embroidery so I can get started with the projects I’ve been planning.  Wish me luck!


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