I’m feeling a little less “end of the world” now.  I have a doctor’s appointment and will probably have to go in for more injections in my back in order to get rid of the pain again.  The injections did wonders last fall but my pain management doctor is no longer in his practice so I’ll have to find out how to proceed.  I never got out of my nightgown yesterday, not that I sat on my butt either…I did 5 loads of laundry, a bit of housecleaning and changed out the fish tank water.  In between I sat with my foot on the ottoman and played on my phone.  Not as productive as I’d like to be but the pain was not as bad either until I got on the computer late last night because sitting in certain chairs seems to aggravate the muscle spasms.  When I go to the nail or hair salon and sit in “normal” chairs it seems to be the worst.  My office chair is the same except that it will recline and swivel when necessary, but if I sit in it too long I have to put ice packs on my spine.  Needless to say, I try to not sit anywhere for long periods anymore.

My back was doing fairly well and the muscle spasms were gone until I sat on the hard tile floor helping R put together the new crate for Daisy.  Evidently sitting on a hard surface for long periods is a no-no for sciatica; I’ve added that to my mental file.  I think I have to get it stopped again and then take better care of it…Earth to Cheri!!!!!  Are you listening?

I called this morning and set up a dental for Mimi then Bandit will be next on the list.  Neither of them have ever had dental cleanings.  We’ve had Bandit since he was 4 months old so I’m sure he’s never had one but we’ve only had Mimi 4 of her 11 years so her previous owner may have had her in at some point.  They’re beginning to look dingy so it’s time to get them thoroughly checked and cleaned in case problems lurk.  It’s hard for the vet to check her mouth since Mimi is the biter and is usually put in a muzzle when she goes in for care.  This way, she’ll be sedated and the vet can get a good look at her choppers and oral health.

I’m waiting on the yard people to do the grass so I can get out of the house for a bit (I may not wait much longer).  They usually come on Friday but the yard was a swamp due to recent torrential rains.  Now the grass has grown so high that when Zoe goes to potty it looks like she’s venturing into a jungle.  I told R she needed a machete to go pee.  It’s admirable that she still goes out in it when she can’t see much in front of her (love that babydoll!).  The whole pack will be happy when they can run in their grass again.

R took the three big dogs out to the boat storage twice this weekend.  They love to go with Daddy and explore while he works on the boat.  Inside the fenced storage yard is the only place that Bandit can just run and run to his heart’s content.  He runs until he’s exhausted then when home drinks lots of water and falls asleep, completely worn out.  He doesn’t do that when we go to the dog park (why we don’t go anymore).  At the dog park he is very reserved and nervous around the other dogs, but I guess he’s afraid they will attack him just like Maximus did so he’s afraid to get too close to them.  Poor baby!  He’s such a good boy, too!

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