I woke up at 4 AM…and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Since my alarm was set for 8 I got up and actually felt decent for a change (considering I didn’t go to bed until 1:30 AM that was a miracle).  But after going to the drugstore to pick up prescriptions and then to Texas City for a dental appointment then to my mom’s house to drop off dog food, I found that someone had pulled the rug out from under me.  Now I’m back in my nightgown and going to go take a nap very soon.

My dental appointment was to get fitted for a sleep apnea mouthpiece so they had to take impressions…no problem, been there before since I’ve had braces and wear retainers at night anyway.  However, the girl put the top tray in my mouth (ewww factor coming!) and immediately the excess pink goo went to the back of my throat.  Momentarily I couldn’t breathe and then it gagged me and my coffee and the goo ended up all over me and my clothes.  So when I got home the clothes had to come off anyway and I just went straight to nightgown-mode.  Being retired is cool sometimes!  Who am I kidding?  Being retired is cool all the time!!!!!!!!!!

Doctor’s appointment was yesterday.  Got steroids for my back, info on treatment (got to find a new pain management doctor to do injections), flu shot, and pain pills for when it’s really bad.  She was in a good mood and I actually enjoyed the visit.  Laughing with your physician is a good thing; it makes the rest bearable.  Still have to have some fasting blood work done but won’t be free for that until Friday.  Have nothing planned for next week (yet) but will have to go get premeds for Mimi’s dental and whatever else comes up.  Tomorrow my housekeeper comes and I’m still trying to get in the sewing room.  I have some time-sensitive projects I’ve got to get done or not do at all.  I fully intended to start them when I got home today but that was before I got no sleep, so I guess it’ll be tomorrow now.

I think my brain is just about shut down now.  Off to my nappy-poo!

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