One Job Done

Okay, I can check off the time-sensitive sewing projects from my To Do list.  Half was completed and I was unable to do the other project at all because it wouldn’t fit in the hoop to embroider.  I’ll have to come up with a Plan B or just forget it completely (haven’t decided yet).  R was gone all day due to a death in the family so it was quiet here with the dogs.  Finished the laundry, did some sewing and cleaning the sewing room.  Got on the laptop for a bit, worked on some designs and stitched a test, then watched a bunch of TV that R doesn’t care for (home improvement, dancing, Ab/Fab, etc.) until he got home.  Quiet day and I got done what I needed to, not necessarily what could have been done but it was enough to satisfy me.

I’m half way through the pack of steroids and the pain is a little better.  I still have to be careful with it though.  Next week I will have to decide which pain specialist I’m going to but I’m not going to worry about it this week.  I’ll let it cogitate a little longer in my mind.  I’ll have to get some blood drawn next week, too, since I dragged my feet on it this week.  It’ll get done.  No problem.

One design I didn't get to use today

One design I didn’t get to use today


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