Yucky Yucky

Today has been one of “those” days.  It started with R sleeping through his alarm—twice—and it woke me up (and I woke him up).  I managed to get back to sleep but then Fancy started barking when R shut the front door to leave for work…and she barked almost continually for at least 15 minutes (the last time) while sitting in the dark in the middle of the living room.  I went in there twice to call her back to the bedroom until daylight.  She’d follow me then return to the living room to bark.  The last time I just decided to let her bark until she got tired of it and stopped, but, of course, she didn’t stop.  I finally went back to her and told her to come to bed…and she did.  Tomorrow R is going to feed her something before he leaves and see if she’s just hungry.  He said he usually gives her a bite of something but didn’t this morning since he was running late, so she was either pissed off or her blood sugar was down and she felt bitchy.  LOL  It may have been separation anxiety since she didn’t start until R left the house but it was sure aggravating.

Then I had another nightmare and woke up shaking.  That’s never a good way to start the day.  After I fed the pooches I got on the laptop for a bit until I started feeling really bad and developed a migraine.  Back to the couch to recover and I never really got free from the couch after that.  I watched some TV, had a coffee, etc., until I felt better (4 PM).  Then I got in the bath tub for a soak.  As I lay there I was thinking how pleasant it was to soak in hot water and have no dogs bothering me for once.  Then when I sat up I saw 3 little female critters looking back at me…and felt so guilty for that thought.

So here I sit in my nightgown and it’s 5:15.  I have no idea what I’m going to do about dinner or if I’ll get out of my nightgown today.  Not one of the better days lately, but I’ve finished the steroids so hope things will get rosier soon.  The only time I’ve left the house in two days was yesterday morning to get blood drawn.  I’m missing Starbucks!  Haven’t been there since Monday.  Today I was going to be so productive (since I wasn’t yesterday) but it didn’t happen.  <sigh>  There’s always tomorrow, right?

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