On The Way To Bed

…and here I am again.  It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve felt like posting anything.  I’ve been having issues with a change in my medication that has knocked me for a loop.  I think I’m coming out of the tunnel now and beginning to take my life back.  It’s been one of those “sure, you can take this medication together” but I can’t take those medications together.  Something weird about my body chemistry makes medications react differently.  So the doctor changed one of them which resulted in even more side effects so I went back to the first one (and, of course, had the same issues).  So I Googled them and found out that a different one was the culprit so I stopped that one instead and now I’m feeling a bit better.  Go figure!  So, now that I’m feeling human again I’ll pick up where I left off.  Next step is to make an appointment to get my back checked out and remedied.  That’s on the To Do list for tomorrow.  Today I made a hair appointment and called the dentist.  That doesn’t seem like much but it’s the most business I’ve taken care of in 3 weeks!  I’m bound and determined to get back in stride and get something accomplished again.  I’ve spent far too many days in my nightgown on the couch and I’m ready to start living again.  Dammit!  LOL

Another Morning Behind The Wheel

…and all the supplies bought to accomplish something.  I started at Starbucks, then went to Best Buy for a(n) HDMI cable.  After that I went to Petsmart for fish food and then to Hancock’s for fabric.  I just finished reloading a desktop for delivery tomorrow and am about to wash fleece in order to start making dog blankets for donation again (since the weather is cooling off they will be in demand once more).  I just updated our website and am about to go reconnect the HDMI cable to our Blue-Ray player that I borrowed yesterday to work on the PC.  I have clothes in the dryer that’ll have to be re-tumbled and hung up/folded before I can dry the fleece so I’m just checking in and on my way to busy-ness!  Have a wonderful day!