Back Again

Daddy, Mimi & Zoe playing

Daddy, Mimi and Zoe playing on the floor

I can’t believe it’s taken me an entire month to post again.  It’s been a roller coaster ride of health-related issues: good days when I got a lot accomplished and bad days when I never got out of my nightgown or off the couch.  I’ve had my medications changed 3 times and finally just stopped taking them anymore.  I’ll just have to deal with the consequences as they come.  Crap!!!!!

Good news is that R retired 3 weeks ago.  We’re adjusting to the different pace and getting ready to adjust for the financial consequences here at xmas.  I don’t expect either to be deal-breakers; we’ll take it as it comes.  It just may be a thin xmas.

Bad news is I haven’t spent any time in the sewing room until the last week and then sparingly.  I have finished a gift for one of R’s co-workers that they’ll pick up tomorrow.  I have another gift in progress, a project for a friend’s kids, and then a couple of xmas gifts for my great-grands, etc.  I have fabric for 5-6 dog blankets to donate and some purse patterns to learn and some old purse patterns to make more of.  I also have a blouse and a nightgown for myself cut out and partly stitched that I’ll try to finish.  All things come to those who wait…and wait…and wait???  LOL


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