It’s Me Again, Margaret!


Baby’s First Christmas stocking for great granddaughter, Lena


Fleece blanket for little girl next door named, Remy


Fleece blanket made for little girl next door named Saiya


Fleece blanket with xmas stocking applique for the kitty who lives next door whose name is Brena.


Xmas stocking appliqued onto a fleece dog blanket for a dog named Zazzles next door.


This is what I’ve been working on the past few days and this is the last of the xmas sewing.  I still have to make 2 more toddler beds but there’s no time limit on it so I’ll get a break first.  I actually intended to label some extra xmas stockings I bought yesterday but by tonight I was too tired to care…brain dead.

Today was my mom’s birthday so we took her out to lunch and piddled around with her and her dogs for a while.  Tomorrow we celebrate xmas here as a family.  On Xmas day we’ll celebrate R’s birthday and probably lay around and groan a lot.  Don’t expect much!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday celebration whatever it is.  We love you all!………..

Xmas Magic (Or Not)

Dogs are ready for xmas

The dogs are ready for Santa

I don’t normally get too excited about xmas.  Since I’m not Xian it’s a non-holiday for me but I won’t go into my gripes here.  For some reason this season I have a smidgen of holiday spirit going.  I’ve done more holiday sewing this year than I ever have; it’s a good thing I got an early start.  To date I have made: 10 fleece blankets, some embroidered, some appliqued, some just hemmed; 7 toddler beds, 6 of which were embellished, and 6 xmas stockings (some were a total loss and had to be redone due to crappy fabric paint).  I have bought and sewn xmas gifts for children I’ve seen once, a dog and a cat who live next door, children I will never meet who live hundreds of miles away, one for a child who lives several states away, one for a child in the UK, and three for our own local great-grandkids.  Out of all this productivity I have one blanket embroidery still in the hoop and a whole slew of new stockings to finish by xmas eve (when we celebrate).  I don’t know how much I’ve spent buying stocking stuffers and miscellaneous gifts for people I hardly know, but it seemed important to me so I did it.

I just told R that in 48 hours we will once more be able to see the inside of our garage.  Each toddler bed (7) requires 4 standard bed pillows; we still have 12 pillows stacked in our garage.  Now I will admit that our garage normally looks like a dumping ground and the existing pile is sitting on…something…my husband can’t tell me and he’s the one who piled it there almost 15 years ago.  I know it doesn’t move if you hit your foot on it.  His explanation was it’s his “stuff”.  I used to put my car in the garage but no longer.  I am actually looking forward to seeing that pile of refuse once more when the pillows move out on xmas eve.  And I was told tonight that I need to make 2 more toddler beds…but they will provide the pillows.  Thank the gods!

Since I have been so jolly of late I have also taken fine care of myself.  I bought myself a used sewing/embroidery combo machine from Ebay ($850) for my xmas gift from me to me and a few knick knacks for it.  I turned frustration to fancy when I couldn’t get an appointment with my hair dresser of 22 years until mid-January.  I changed to another stylist who co-owns the shop where I get my facials.  So yesterday I had my hair cut and colored ($165) and today I had a facial ($115).  So Cheri’s xmas is moving right along.

I’ve bought nothing for R.  He wants a trolling motor for his boat which will cost about what my Ebay sewing machine cost so it’s a toy he’ll have to buy for himself.  I liken it to him trying to buy me a sewing machine.  No telling what garbage I’d end up with.  Same with me and trolling motors.  It’s outta my league!  But I bought him a card; does that count?  He bought me an anniversary card; I got him a deluxe reading light and took him out to dinner.  It evens out, right?

I only wanted to write a note but it’s turning into a novel so I’ll close.  Next time I’ll try to post of pictures of what I’ve been doing.  Goodnight…….