It’s Me Again, Margaret!


Baby’s First Christmas stocking for great granddaughter, Lena


Fleece blanket for little girl next door named, Remy


Fleece blanket made for little girl next door named Saiya


Fleece blanket with xmas stocking applique for the kitty who lives next door whose name is Brena.


Xmas stocking appliqued onto a fleece dog blanket for a dog named Zazzles next door.


This is what I’ve been working on the past few days and this is the last of the xmas sewing.  I still have to make 2 more toddler beds but there’s no time limit on it so I’ll get a break first.  I actually intended to label some extra xmas stockings I bought yesterday but by tonight I was too tired to care…brain dead.

Today was my mom’s birthday so we took her out to lunch and piddled around with her and her dogs for a while.  Tomorrow we celebrate xmas here as a family.  On Xmas day we’ll celebrate R’s birthday and probably lay around and groan a lot.  Don’t expect much!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday celebration whatever it is.  We love you all!………..

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