Where Have I Been?

Who the hell knows?!!!!!!!  This is the first day I’ve had time to myself since before the holidays and I’ve really enjoyed the ME time.  R is out of town so I’ve just done what I wanted to since I got home from taking 2 dogs to the vet for their yearly vaccinations.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ve done anything exciting.  I watched a movie I had recorded that R didn’t want to see, soaked in the tub, did 2 loads of laundry, did a mini-pedi, and cuddled a few canines.  Then I paid bills, brushed and flossed, and now on the laptop.  I’m totally relaxed and getting ready for bed since it’s almost 1 A.M.

I thought I’d start 2016 with a bright, new look for my blog.  The old pink was getting sickening to me–even I didn’t want to see it anymore.  Let me know what you think.  I’m ready for a little excitement again.

I haven’t done any sewing since xmas.  I have bought fabric & supplies to start on tote bags and purses but we made a zag in plans since then.  We have been replacing some furniture and electronics and moving things around the casa a bit.  Yesterday we went to 4 furniture stores (I made R go in the last one alone; I was toast by then), then to Office Depot and then to Target where we bought a floor lamp.  Furniture- 6 Lindseys- 1  I’m done for a while.  We have a glass-front cabinet ordered that should be in next week, 2 end tables/dog crates that were due in today but didn’t make it, and a dog couch due the beginning of next week, too.  Then I have to buy either 2 loveseats or a loveseat and a chair for the living room….then the bedroom will be next.  If I was doing it myself it would be over now, but pleasing my other half is the battle.  I was too tired to argue any more yesterday.  Even the salesman tried to talk R out of it but he was adamant.  I gave up; he can sit on the floor for all I care at this point!  LOL  We did find a gorgeous bedroom suite but I’m not sure it would fit in our bedroom so that’s on hold, perhaps indefinitely.  It was pretty enough for me to take photos of it, so I was impressed.

Tomorrow is my girlie nail appointment and more ME time.  I have a computer to fix that belongs to one of R’s friends (neighbor) and my 2015 records to back up on DVD and label for the year-end.  Then I can sew with no more interruptions…until the dogs go back to the vet for their dental cleanings.  LOL  It’s always something but it keeps me going.



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