Best/Worst of Decorating Worlds

This is the BR set we want

This is the BR set we want

The uncompleted side of the LR

The living room so far

My side of the living room










Last month we started a trip down Redecorate Your House Lane.  We added 2 wooden dog crates for the little dogs, a dog couch for any/all of them, replaced/upsized the media cabinet and the TV set, then donated the couch and loveseat to the kids yesterday and today.  Next they’ll bring our new mattress and low-profile base and then the kids will pick up the old mattress and box springs.  We’ve down-sized out of the chest of drawers and one night stand so they could take those already.  We’ve been to multiple furniture stores looking at bedroom sets, so when they’re delivered the last of our old will go to the kids.  We think we know which bedroom suite we want now, so it’s just a matter of getting over there and paying for it.  The new LR drapes came in today and are up.  The pan liners for the new walnut dog crates came in today.  I pulled out all of the dog blankets and washed them up then put them where they’ll be the most effective color-wise.  Now I just need to decorate the fireplace mantle and buy the big rug for the living room, and the hall runners.  We’re getting there!

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