Leap Day 2016

I never seem to find myself here before midnight but it’s the last day of another month and I’ve posted nothing.

We have finished redecorating the house.  All the furniture is set up, lamps and furnishings complete, and we love it.  It’s been stable long enough now that the dogs don’t wander around looking for familiarity anymore.  They are beginning to gravitate toward their own spaces again but have shifted somewhat.  For instance, Bandit never goes in his crate anymore, preferring to lay on the new loveseats instead.  However, Mimi has adopted Bandit’s crate for her own with a smattering of other Chis joining her from time to time.  None of them care much for the new wooden crates/end tables but we have 5 soft beds in the living room that they play musical chairs on all day.  We have another big soft bed in the sewing room and 2 new ottomans in the office that they lay on, too.  It’s still a dog’s world around here.

I haven’t done a lot of sewing lately but I did finish my purse, sell a Babylock sewing machine, and reorganize my sewing room to accommodate a new machine we’ll be bringing home probably the end of the week.  I’m finally buying a 10-needle embroidery machine and I’m like a kid in a candy store.  Can’t wait to play with it!  R is finishing staining the wooden thread rack he started a year ago.  The color is a little darker than we intended but it should still suffice.  Since I now have a little more space to cut fabric on, I hope to get the tote bags cut out this week.  I have appointments some days but not all so time will tell.  I’m not planning on using the single-needle embroidery machine I have for embroidery anymore but I have the designs I stitched out last month to go on the tote bags so I can work on them without dismantling anything in the room.  My Babylock Ellisimo allows me to sew or embroider so it will become my swing machine once the Brother 10-needle takes over embroidery.  I still have a backup combo machine and a Singer vintage mechanical sewing machine for tough sewing tasks.  After this week I should be able to do anything I want and perhaps go back to donating items and/or selling some things.  I need to sell enough to finance my sewing habit!  LOL


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