New toys (as promised)

New toys (as promised)

Here, as you can see, is the thread rack R built for me.  I’ve put all of my embroidery and all of my sewing thread on it.  I still have 2 totes of serger thread that will NOT fit at all (and doesn’t need to really).  It changes the entire look of the room because it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door and flip on the light.  Very dramatic introduction to the sewing room.

On the left, of course, is the new Brother PR1000E 10-needle embroidery machine.  They didn’t have the stand in stock so it’s sitting on my cutting table for now.  They also owe me the monster hoop which also wasn’t in stock; both are due to arrive next week.  I have yet to run the machine as we’re still figuring out how it works, how to thread it, etc.  I did the OS upgrade and then the camera upgrade, so the software is done and it’s registered.  On Monday R and I will attend a 4-hour class so we can learn all the tips and tricks that make it magical.  Can’t wait!

Babylock machines

Babylock machines

This is my Babylock Ovation serger on the left and my current (old) single needle embroidery combo machine (Babylock Ellisimo Gold) which will become my backup and sewing machine once the new machine is ready to pull its own weight.

This is the purse I just finished.  It’s silver gray faux suede and sooo soft.  The embroidery design was a tangled circle that I put in my software and revamped, changed colors and shape, etc., until it was what I wanted.  Inside is one zipper pocket and one slip pocket.  It’s the perfect purse style for me; I’ll probably make more of these, perhaps even to sell eventually.  I’ll have to write down the pattern so I can make it again as I kind of cut and sewed as I went along only using information from a previous class I took on Craftsy as a model.  Great class that paid for itself as this is the 3rd bag I’ve made in various iterations and I keep going back to it and re-watching the videos for tips.  You never know what small things will make a great difference.


Slouchy bag hanging


Slouchy bag sitting










Slouchy bag interior

Slouchy bag interior

At least I posted this update before midnight, although just.  I have a roast in the crock pot I need to go check on; it smells heavenly.  Tomorrow I have a hair appointment and I’ll try to finish threading the new machine.  I started it yesterday but I’m so blind I couldn’t see the thread I was trying to put through the threading path so I’ll have to move some lighting around to help out.  I’ve got to finish reading the operating manual, too, but the print is small and light which is a terrible combination for 64-year old eyes.






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