Been A While

Before Stand

Before Stand

On The Stand

On The Stand

I’m still alive; really I am.  It’s just been hectic lately; too much going on and not enough sewing time.  I did some fleece blankets for a friend on my new machine and all of them turned out pretty well; it gave me a chance to get familiar with my machine and gave her blankets to give as gifts and a couple to sell so that worked out for both of us.  It took 4 weeks for the shop to get the stand in for my PR1000e–4 damn long weeks!  In that time the 100 pound plus machine sat on a 6-foot table.  Every time I used it I just prayed the table legs wouldn’t buckle under and dump $15,000 onto the floor…we made it.  The new stand gives me a stand-alone counter/desk/stand with 2 metal storage shelves, all on locking casters so I can move it all around as is necessary to either change threads, frames or hoops.  It allows me to get enough light in all the places I need to see in order to change threads or to re-thread all 10 needles like I did today, and install hoops with huge fleece blankets shoved into the space between the hoop and frame.  It’s also 6-8″ taller than the table so I can get under it to change needles, oil the hook, replace broken thread or broken needles, or an empty bobbin.  Much better attitude all round.

On the stand

Blanket Stitching Out

R got the TV hung on the wall out of the way, too, so that gives me more table space to work on.  I’ve done some more cleaning out and reorganizing, too, but have still managed to lose a package of mylar that’s never been opened.  I know as soon as I buy some more the package I already have will levitate and show me where it’s been hiding.  That’s the way it seems to work.

TV's Up Now, too

TV’s Up Now, too

This is the first thing I made with the new machine

This is the first thing I made with the new machine.  It matches the motif in the hall bathroom–dragonflies.

This week I made 4 more fleece blankets, 5 bandannas, etc., to donate for the adoption event next Sunday.  Now I’m starting on Mother’s Day gifts.  I’ll do my own mother’s first and go from there.  I also have those tote bags to finish, etc., and more purses; there’s always something.

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