Mr Winklestein

                 Mr Winklestein

From 10/6/2014

Okay, you have to admit this little guy is cute as hell!  This is “Roy” I wrote about in August who’d been attacked by a bigger dog.  He’s mostly healed from his injuries and has had his first heartworm treatment.  I go visit him every Thursday and take what I’ve begun to call “Winkie burgers”.  I took a child’s sized plain cheeseburger to him and one for another dog that was in the next cage.  He wanted it so much that he couldn’t even wait for me to tear it apart for him.  He was taking the other half of the burger out of my hand.  So, last week when I went in, I went prepared.  I took 5 cheeseburgers.  I fed Winkie one and left the others for the rest of the dogs ( I wasn’t feeling good that day so I didn’t stay long enough to pass them around myself).  When I go this week I’m going to get bigger burgers.  Those babies love their Winkie burgers!

I haven’t had much time to sew lately because I’ve been working on computers for the family—9 of them so far.  I have one in the shop that needed a motherboard so was out of my league, and one was scavenged for parts because it was beyond repair.  We ended up with one old laptop that is ready to go to some needy person as yet unidentified.  Ronnie says one of his coworkers is going to bring us another laptop so I know I’ll have at least one more coming in some time soon.

I’m also participating in the Windows 10 Technical Preview program so I have that loaded on an extra laptop.  So far I like it, much better than Windows 8, though 8.1 was an improvement.  In order to use my “sewing room laptop” for Windows 10 I purchased a cheap laptop (yes, purple!) from HP that’s supposed to arrive by the end of the month.  Even custom-built it was only $400, and it will give me a new machine for my sewing room and allow me to play with the one that was in there.  Windows 10 is supposed to be released to manufacturing next summer so this will give me time to evaluate the preview.  I did the Preview program on Windows 7 but not on Windows 8.  I hated Windows 8 on sight and wanted no part of it, but it does grow on you once you’re familiar with it (never thought I’d say that).

Today was my follow-up at the pain specialist.  I don’t know what happened but he’s no longer there–just like that!!  I asked his PA if he was moving the practice or if he’d retired.  She paused, looked away then back and said, “in his mind I think he thinks he’s retiring, but he won’t be practicing anywhere else”.  What the hell does that mean????  He was a good doctor; both Ronnie and I went to him and we’ll miss him terribly because he was so good and funny.  Dammit!  On the good side, I am doing much better and not dealing with as much pain as I had the first part of the year.



This is our Daisy all healed up and learning new things–like how to cuddle, be still and wear a muzzle.  She is beginning to come out of some of her puppy stage and is easier to handle now.  She will wear a muzzle (she has 3 of them) while she’s out when the little dogs are also out (like first thing in the morning for potty and breakfast time).  It’s funny that when she’s wearing the muzzle it’s like, besides keeping her from being able to bite/attack the little dogs, it muzzles her brain, too.  While she’s wearing it she is calm and will not move around much especially toward the little dogs.  She will lay on the couch and cuddle, sometimes not even going to potty until the little ones are back in their crates and I remove her muzzle.  And once the muzzle comes off, Daisy is super-charged!  She runs and barks, grabs toys and throws them in the air, chases her tail, jumps on the furniture, etc.!  She’s a different dog.  Weird!!  We are still wanting to rehome her but she’s so damned sweet that sometimes I forget to post her stats.  LOL  I’m definitely a dog person!

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