Already May???

I can’t believe how fast this year has passed!  It seems life has been so busy of late but sometimes I just wonder where the time goes.  I’ve been going to post here since the middle of April but either I didn’t have the time or the energy to do so.  So, here I am again.  Made it through Mother’s Day and actually got to make some gifts again this year…and not one blanket!  I’ve made so many blankets for family that I’d feel bad giving anyone another one.  Even the dogs have too many blankets!

So, what have I been doing?  I bought some clothes for the first time in several years.  I bought maxi-dresses, lingerie, pants, shirts, jewelry and shoes.  Surprisingly since I bought it online, it all fit the first time.  I hate, hate, hate to try on clothes so 4 packages of clothing sat on my dresser for over a week before I even opened them to try them on.  Today, R took me to Esteban’s for dinner and I got to wear a new dress, earrings and shoes.  I felt like a model!  Definitely felt stylish and pretty.  I think I bought 4 dresses so I still have some to try out.

I have done some embroidering though not a lot.  I’m planning on getting back into the sewing room tomorrow.  Projects are stacking up.  This was the last thing I did that I really liked.  I made 2 towels and a wall hanging for Mom’s bathroom.  She has a butterfly shower curtain so I made her more butterflies to go with it.  She liked them, thankfully.

Mother's Day for my mom

Mother’s Day for my mom

I made a few dog blankets to donate, did a project for a friend’s baby, and a few more Mother’s Day projects (aprons and dish towels).

These toddler blankets were done for a friend:

IMG_1368 IMG_49461 (2) IMG_4951 IMG_49441 (2) IMG_4948 (2) IMG_4946 (2) IMG_4938 (2) IMG_4934 (2) (2) IMG_4933 (2)

So, this is part of what has been taking up my time this year.  Recently we got one of our fosters back, so now we’re back up to 7 (6 Chis and Bandit—I always feel bad saying we have Chis and leaving Bandit out of the group).  For the most part they’re all healthy now.  Fancy has had some tummy issues and the vet has added another prescription which has seemed to get her back on track.  Her heart is doing better now so it seems we have her heart medication at the right dosage.  She takes medicines morning and night, and eats mostly soft canned food now since she doesn’t have a mouthful of teeth anymore, but she’ll be 16 years old in November so I’ll take her any way she comes.  We’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old and are not ready to part ways yet.

We’ve pretty much been doing our own house cleaning since R retired.  Our lady comes in sometimes but not as often as in the past.  She does a great job and I hate to clean bathrooms!  I’m not allowed to sweep or mop because of my spinal issues (which are on good behavior for the most part) so R does most of that.  It works out.  Since I bought the new embroidery machine we’ve been reorganizing my sewing room.  I’ll try to post picture of that in my next post.  Gotta go.  Things to do.

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