I Finished the Gym Towels Today


My purple bath & hand towels


R’s red bath towel


7 white hand towels

So I did actually do today what I said I would.  I monogrammed all the gym towels, finished the laundry, and cleaned off the hutch in my office.  Now we’re having DSL connection issues.  When I called them tonight they could see where our service shut down 78 times already today.  Frustrating at times but we just have to go with the flow until they get it fixed.

All else is calm and happy; tomorrow is a gym and grocery day.  Monday I start jury duty, so R will have to be running this place on his own.  Rottsa Ruck!

I Love My Pack

Zoe, Gypsy, Mimi & Dusty resting in my lap.

Zoe, Gypsy, Mimi & Dusty resting in my lap.

Bandit totally exhausted after a two-day fishing trip with R

Bandit totally exhausted after a two-day fishing trip with R







We have a great pack of dogs right now.  They’ve patiently watched all the rescue dogs come in and go out over the years, and they’re still mellow and sweet and happy on a daily basis.  And spoiled, of course.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get back into the sewing room….finally!  We started back at the gym last week so I’m going to monogram all our gym towels in case they get lost.  That’s the first project and may be all that gets done since there’s about 10 towels to be done (2 purple -hand and bath, 1 red bath, 7 or 8 white hand).  But I received a purse pattern I’d ordered that I already have the fabric for, so that will be on my agenda, as well as doing some more tote bags then starting on xmas gifts.  No way I could do all that in one day or even 1 week.  But I’ll get a start on it and that’s what matters.

We have been going at least 4 days per week to the gym for the past two weeks.  Since we’re old codgers coming from non-existent fitness levels it’s going to take a while to see any noticeable fitness.  But we’re plugging away and are bound and determined to make it work.  This is the 3rd gym for us in 16 years.  We actually joined this one four years ago when I retired and then neither of us ever went once.  I finally cancelled the membership.  But we’re both retired now so we’re trying it again.  We like it so far.

I think the exercise is helping me get through this bout with depression.  It’s gotten pretty bad; I had to decide if I wanted to stay married or call it a day.  I decided I wouldn’t give up without a fight so that’s the path we’re on.  We decided to move our dogs to a different vet because we’re driving 35 minutes each way to get there and then the same to get home. With Mommas and my sister’s dog it’s even farther (Galveston and Texas City) then to Friendswood and back.  We found a vet close to us that seems to offer the same value of care so we’re trying them out.  All papers turned in to the new one, and the old one has been notified that we’re transitioning out of their practice.  They’re still our friends though.  That’ll not change.

Tomorrow I hope I have sewing pictures to post.  Wish me luck!!!!


Still Kicking

Still not sewing but beginning to come out of my funk (I think).  Nothing to report, really but I haven’t posted this month and my last entry sounded bleak when I read back over it.  I gave up on giving up the sleeping pills; it was killing me, so I’m just going back to using them moderately (as prescribed always).  The anxiety seems better most of the time even though I did have one panic attack this week.  The depression seems better as I’m beginning to get some joy out of life again.  So I’ll just hang in there until I’m back to my usual silly self once more.  I have a few dog pictures to post.