August Already

I looked and I have no new photos to share.  It seems like I’ve been so busy since I posted last but I don’t know that I have anything to show for it.  We’re looking at patio covers.  Here is someone I know at Lowe’s.  What do you think of this gazebo?2016-07-31 14.49.42It’s $1000 but made of steel.  Two of them will cover most of my patio (16′ x 33′).  I’ve just got to figure out how to pay for them.  LOL  I owe R a motor for his boat first so maybe by xmas???

Today we took Pepper to his new vet…yeah, right!  We went but they were idiots so we didn’t stay.  Went back to our current vet, convinced it was a bad move to try to change.  LOL  He had a wonderful time riding all over the county with us, so much so that he refused to get out of my lap when we took him back to his mom.  He was afraid we’d leave without him and he wouldn’t get to go.  Guess we’ll have to take him more in the future.  Mom takes him when she drives through to pay bills but said she hadn’t taken him anywhere for about 4 days.  Last time we were at her house, R took him for a walk on the leash.  Pepper came back with his tail wagging and his little tongue hanging down to his knees.  He was so hot!  And he never gets to go walking because Mom’s not able to take him.  It was too hot for them to go any further but I think Pepper would have walked until he collapsed that day.  He was such a happy boy.  R takes Bandit walking most every night but after dark so they don’t overheat.  Sometimes one or another of the girls will want to go, but most of them are just as lazy as their mother.  I never walk with them because of my back issues (can’t even make it through the grocery store sometimes without sitting down at least once) but I try to do things in small bursts of energy throughout the day when I can.

Still going to the gym 3 or 4 times per week.  R goes more often than I do but I do like it.  I even ordered myself a swimsuit so I can swim and get in the hot tub.  It’s supposed to be here Wednesday via FedEx.  I hope I like it better than the last one I bought.  LOL

R is headed for bed and me for the tub so I’d better go get a nightgown before he crashes; I hate to turn the light on in his eyes.  Good night, All.


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