RIP Mr Freckles

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Yesterday was one of those days you hate.  We had to put one of our fosters to sleep.  He was at his new home walking with his human daddy while his mom was at work.  A big dog attacked Freckles and his dad.  His mom called us for help as she could not get there fast enough.  We picked him up and rushed him to our vet’s office, but he’d lost too much blood and was in too much pain.  He would have required lengthy surgery to repair the damage and he wasn’t in any shape to survive the surgery.  If he survived the surgery he still may have not survived the recovery which would have probably been two months or more and over $5000 in monetary cost.  The decision was made to euthanize and we stayed with him until he breathed his last breath, telling him how much everyone loved him and how much he would be missed.  He was such a sweet little dog who never hurt a fly and who loved his family and was loved by everyone he met.  Rest in peace, little one.  No more pain now.  Run free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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