Almost Made It To Thanksgiving

I’m in the sewing room today, still working on xmas gifts for next month.  Almost done with most of them but the rush is on.  I’ve left the things that require sewing with the embellishing for last…and I dread the sewing.  I have already added more projects to my list of things I want to do though.  I never run out of ideas…just run into ideas I’ve sometimes promised to others that I should have never volunteered for.  Will I ever learn to say no?  LOL  Doing another project (3 pieces) with glow in the dark thread again today.  Wish me luck.  Since it’s new thread I’m learning its properties and they’re not all good.  One spool (so far) breaks repeatedly.  I had to finally change to another spool.  It was $20 per spool so that sux big time.  I hope that’s the only one that frays.


Fancy and R in Petsmart

Miss Fancypants turned 16 years old Wednesday.  We spent the bulk of the day making it a special one for her.  First we went to Starbucks for a puppy whip.  Then we went through the bank drive through, then to PetSmart for shopping.  Last stop was for cheeseburgers to take home to share with the other pups for her birthday celebration with the entire family.  She was so tired on the way home that she fell asleep in my arms.  She normally is the only one who stays awake the entire time she’s in the car but not that day.  So sweet!  With her age and health issues we never know how long we’ll get to keep her before her days are done so we try to enjoy all the moments now we can.  It was a great day.

A week ago I bent over (just at the waist) to reach into the cabinet below the fish tank to retrieve a new filter.  Ouch!!  My lower back screamed at me.  I knew enough to start icing and NSAIDs immediately and by the end of the day it was better…until I bent down to reach the mouthwash after brushing my teeth before bed.  A bolt of lightening shot through my back generating up to my head and down to my ankle.  It hurt so bad I was shaking and couldn’t put any weight on my left leg.  I thought I would fall down.  I couldn’t walk over to sit down and I couldn’t stand much longer.  R was snoring and I didn’t want to wake him to ask for help.  What to do?!!!!!!!!!  I ended up standing, shaking until my left leg would hold me then hobbled over to sit on the toilet lid until I could manage better.  I could not walk without holding the walls and wasn’t sure I could make it to get my cane out of the closet.  Thankfully I did make it and got more ice and medicine until I could breathe again.  Monday I was at the doctor and am on steroids.  Good news is that the pain is gone.  I hate the side effects of the steroids but I’ll survive.  I’ve got to be careful bending over.  <smile>

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